Finn Legacy Society

The St. Paul campus sits on property donated in 1880 by William and Elizabeth Finn in what was, in effect, the first charitable gift made to St. Thomas. The Finn Legacy Society was established by Monsignor Terrence J. Murphy in 1991 to honor those generous donors who follow in the Finns’ footsteps with planned or deferred gifts to the university. These gifts, in the form of bequests by will, IRA or retirement plans, gift annuity, trust arrangement, insurance policy or similar planned gift, are essential to maintaining a strong endowment and long-term support that helps to ensure the viability of the University of St. Thomas for future generations.

We gratefully acknowledge the generous benefactors below for their legacies to the University of St Thomas.

* – Deceased | All gifts made during fiscal year 2017 (July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017)

Anonymous Donors (28)
Tor H. and Kristine M. Aasheim
June M. and Robert G. Acheson*
John G. and Julie Revord Adams
Eugene G. Albert*
Dr. Susan L. Alexander
Thomas P. Alexander*
The Hon. Gerald A.* and Lucille M. Alfveby
Anthony L. and Susan F. Alleva
John J.* and Kathleen A.* Amelse
Joseph E. and Guadalupe Ancel
Pauline S. and Mark S. Andersen
Lisa M. Anderson
Charlene A. Andrle-Olson
John L.* and Irene L. Arkwright
John J. Arouni*
J. Scott Arrell and Sue E. Francis Arrell*
M. Genevieve Artz*
Robert S. Asmuth Sr.*
Sheila Aukes and Dave Funk
Leona R. Bagby*
Kristin L. Bailey
Daniel R. Baker*
Earl E. and Doris Bakken
Marvin F. Bank*
John T. and Carol Bannen
Brendan A. Bannigan, MPA, CFRE and Kathleen Just-Bannigan
John F. and Linda M. Bannigan
Paul A. Bard*
Thomas J. Bastasz
David M. and Frances A. Bateson
Michelle A. Baumann Wright and Aaron Wright, M.D.
Carl J. and Mary C. Baumgaertner
Gerald F. Baumgartner, D.D.S.
Lisa M. Beach
Donald F. and Martha M. Becker
Thomas W. and Janet E. Becker
Mary B. Beidler
Gary J. and Mary L. Bendzick
Elizabeth M. Bennett and Russell M.* Bennett II
Edward E. and Kathleen Benoe
Thomas L. Beranek
Stella S. Berco*
Erwin L.* and Bernice V.* Bergh
Rose A. Bertie*
Daniel R. and Dara R. Bishop
Byron E.* and Joan Blake
John F. and Marguerite A. Blake
Gene J. and Mary Ellen* Blau
Tamara D. Block
Eric A. and Rebecca Bloom
Mary Ellene* and Wallace M.* Bloom
Erwin J. Bofferding*
William E. Bollman*
Lyle G. Bollum*
Rev. Richard G. Bonin*
Kathleen Boyd*
John F. Boylan, D.D.S.*
Thomas M. Boyle*
Ambrose J. Brackmann*
James R. and Aurella D. Brandt
Anthony T. and Celeste L. Brausen
Gerald E. Breen Jr.
Gerald D. and Catherine C. Brennan
Linda and Bernard L. Brodkorb Jr.
Harry L. Brown
Dr. Robert J. and Jacquelyn Brown
George P.* and Madelyn Bruening
Michael L. Bruening
Joseph* and Lucy* Bruzas
Robert L.* and Marjorie T.* Bucher
Joseph M.* and Genevieve L.* Buchl
Francis X.* and Gloria K.* Buchmeier
Timothy J. and Kathryn S. Buggy
Joseph M. and Mary Ellen Burns
William B. Burton and Mary Sagstetter
Merrill J. and Mary Busch
Roger W. Butenhoff and Barbara C. Korf
James A.* and Kathryn H. Byrne
Raymond S. and Rose Ann* Byrne
Thomas R.* and Mary T. Byrne
Jerome G. Byrnes*
Francis A. Callahan*
James H. Callahan, Ph.D.
Dr. Brian C. and Mary L. Campion
Raymond W. Cannon*
James J. Capone*
William J.* and Janet J.* Cardinal
David A.* and Mary C. Carroll
William C.* and Connie* Carroll
Byron J.* and Mildred H.* Casey
Leo J. and Claire Casey
Loretta J. Cavanaugh*
Loren L. and Marian C. Chamberlain
Kathryn E. and Larry F.* Charbonneau, Ph.D.
Jerome J.* and Ursula* Choromanski
Eugene W. and Paulette K. Cichowicz
Michael V. and Ann C. Ciresi
Christopher P. Claude
J. Eugene* and Jane K.* Clifford
Margaret F. Cline
Mary M. Coates*
Patrick W. Coates*
Rev. John F. Cody*
Dr. Burton D. and Audrey K. Cohen
Georgia* and Richard R.* Colburn Jr.
Peter B. Colehour*
Mary P Coleman*
Alfred G. Colling
William C. Collins
Frederick H. and Molly* Commers
Richard W.* and Annette C. Conklin
Jan M. Conlin and Eugene F. Goetz
Ann Marie* and Evans E. Connelly Jr.
Paul J. Connery*
Dr. Walter T. Connett*
Joseph B. Connors, Ph.D.*
Rev. Thomas J. Conroy*
Norbert J. and Mary Ellen Conzemius
Judith S. and Richard Corson
William J. and Maureen Cosgriff
Rev. John F. Costello, S.J.
T. William Coughlan
Mark U. Cree
William J. Crolley Jr.*
Thomas E.* and Linda Cronin
Duane S. and Kathleen M. Crosland
Christopher T. Crubaugh and Katie E. Kubes
Vernon W.* and Mabel Cubus
Thomas C. Cunningham
Leah A. Curtin*
Thomas D. and Kristen Czarnecki
Mary A. Daye*
Eugene M. Dean*
Rev. Dennis J. Dease
Bernice Decowski*
Thomas L. and Anne Deetz
Charlton J. Defiel*
Francis J.* and Edna M.* Deig
Dr. Rebecca A. and Edward L. Delahanty
Paul F. Delaney
Marian and John N. Dempsey, Ph.D.
Richard J. Derenthal
Philip H.* and Louise Des Marais
Christine J. DeWerd*
Jeffrey R. and Michelle DeYoung
M. Sgt. Denis J. Dickinson
Catherine N. and Mark C. Dienhart, Ph.D.
Jeffrey W. and Danielle Dobbelmann
Ruth A. and Elmer M.* Doherty, M.D.
Thomas E. and Betty Nell Dolan
John L. Doll*
Virginia M. Donahoe*
Robert F. Donlan* and Kathleen Krebsbach-Donlan*
Michael E. and Kathleen Dougherty
James R. Doyle, M.D.*
Sharron A. Doyle*
Terence N. and Judith Doyle
Vincent A.* and Mary V.* Doyle
Thomas W. and Carol Duffy
Lowell L. Dummer*
Luann Dummer*
Susan C. and John R. Dunlop
Maria C. Dunn*
Robert J. Dunn*
Robert J. Dwyer Jr. and Diane Kanca
Dennis J.* and Juneal* Dyrhaug
Thomas W. Dzik and Hannah McGraw Dzik
Vernon J. and Dianne Ebert
George F. Edeburn, M.D., M.P.H.
David C. and Deborah L. Eggenberger
John D.* and Mary Jo Eichler
Margaret B.* and Melvin F.* Eikleberry
John E. and Joanne M. Engel
Charles B. and Shirley Engh
Edward V. and Carrie Lee Erickson
Mary M. Erickson*
Thomas J.* and Lucille M.* Ersfeld
Anna Marie Ettel*
Michael F. Ettel*
Allison M. Everett and Kenneth H. Svendsen
Ronald W. Fagerstrom*
Roger J. Fait
Dr. Eleanor D. Farkas*
Eugene F. and Janet Faulhaber
Mary A.* and Thomas J.* Feely Jr.
Robert B. Ferguson
Timothy F. Fischer and AnneMarie Kaul
James S. Fish*
Amy C. and Jack B. Fistler
Mary Goff Fiterman*
Patrick E. and Maureen C.* Flahaven
John T.* and Harriet C.* Flanagan
Michael G. and Barbara Flanagan
Timothy J. Flanigan Jr.
John C. and Sharon Flatt
Arnold P. Fleischmann
Leonard J. Flesher Jr.*
Margaret K. Foley*
Rev. Msgr. James H. Foran*
Timothy D. and Teresa A. Foster
Ron L. and Alexis Fowler
James R. Fox, M.D.*
Leo J.* and Carmen* Fox
Dennis K. and Jeanette Frandsen
Anthony L. Fratto*
Thomas Frazier III* and Gail S. Frazier*
Dr. Eugene U. and Dr. Mary F. Frey
Nadine M. and Joseph M. Friederichs
Jerome M. and Patricia J. Friedmann
Bryant E. Fritz*
Edward J. Gallagher III
Barbara and Robert J. Gallivan Jr.
Frances C. and Michael J. Galvin Jr.
Peter F. and Anne Gamber
William G. and Gerri Gardner
John J. Garney
John T. Garrick*
Grace R.* and John D.* Garvin
James E. Gearen*
James P. Gearen
John J. Gearen Sr.*
Raines J. Geauthreaux*
Robert M.* and Marjorie A.* Geisenheyner
Mary F. and Philip J. Gelber, M.D.
Gordon J.* and Marie* Gelhaye
Martin J. and Joyce Gentleman
Margaret A. George
Alvira R.* and Francis L.* Gerlach
Paul J. Germann, Ph.D.*
Darwin and Kathryn Gervais
Evelyn Giefer*
John Paul Gillen
The Hon. Archie L.* Gingold and Helen Mae* Gingold
Elaine L. Gingold
Dennis J. and Geraldine Ginther
Thomas C. Glass and Colleen Deegan-Glass
John J.* and Diane R. Golden
Michael E. Gonyou
Brig. Gen. Leo C.* and Rosemary J.* Goodrich
Charles J. and Leslie A. Gorman
Rev. James D. Gorman*
Edmond J. Gostine, M.D.*
Myra J.* and Dr. Richard J.* Graff
R. Jean Gray
Gary M. Grendahl
Harriet B.* and Paul A.* Greving
George A. and Margaret Grieve
Pierson M. and Florence B.* Grieve
Helen C. Griffin*
Dennis A.* and Katy Gross
Harold P. Gross*
William J. Gross*
Marvin L. and Judith Grundhoefer
Joseph C. Grundtner*
Ernest M. Gunderson*
Robert P.* and June M. Gust
BetteJayne B. and Louis A. Haak, Ph.D.
Msgr. James D. Habiger*
Charles A. and Carleen Haggerty
John S. Haider*
Thomas J. Haley Jr.
Leander J. and Rose Anne Hallgren
Nicholas J. and Alice L. Halvorson
Neil W. and Jana U. Hamilton
Robert R. Hammers*
Rev. James R. Hanlon*
James W. Hansen
Richard C. Hardes
James M. and Jean Hare
Reuel D. Harmon*
Mary-Angela Harper, Ph.D.
Bernard P. Hart*
Rev. Robert B. Hart
Susan C. and Joseph E. Harten
Edgar J. Haugan*
Charles R. Haugh and Dr. Eileen Gallagher Haugh
Yvonne C. Hauwiller and James G.* Hauwiller, Ph.D.
Rev. Msgr. Ambrose V. Hayden*
Thomas W. and Linda Healy
The Hon. Gerald W. Heaney*
Michael D. and Pat Heffron
Jack D.* and Francine J.* Heille
John L. Heimerl
Patricia A. Heller
Kenneth J. Hencier*
Joseph F. and Jill Henderson
Shannon D. Hendricks
Douglas E. and Karen E. Hennes
Ronald J. Hennes*
John D. Herrick
Patrick M. and Jeanne M. Hickey
James T. and Anita E. Hidding
John B. Hidding*
William E. Hidding
Quentin J. and Sally J.* Hietpas
Thomas P. and Sarah Hietpas
Thomas J. and Judith M. Hildman
Ralph M. Hilgert, D.D.S.*
Paul E. Hodapp
Dr. Thomas A. and Michele M.* Hodgson
John J. Hoeflinger*
Beatrice K. Hokanson*
Thomas E. and Patricia M. Holloran
Dr. Bonnie K. and John M. Holub
Louis S.* and Edith* Hopkins
David G. Hottinger and Mary F. Kaul-Hottinger
Joseph F. Hren*
Ronald M. Hubbs*
Robert E. and Patricia Hunstad
Alfred L. Hunt*
Donald G. and Mary E. Hurley
Jack L. and Lana R. Hurley
Bernice M. Hyder*
Lawrence H.* and Patricia I. Ireland
George J.* and Janet S. Ittner
Edward K. Jackson*
John L. and Joan Jackson
Bradley D. and Kristen M. Jacobsen
James M. and Joyce Jagodzinski
Andree R. and Ronald James
Dianne F. Jandt
Jerome W. Jaspers*
Gary J. and Mary Jeub
Jerome Jeub*
Douglas W. and Patricia A.* Johnson
Florence A. Johnson*
Harold D. Johnson*
Paul C.* and Margaret M.* Johnson
Perry M. Johnson Sr.*
Thomas R. and Shelia Jorgenson
Irvin L. Kanthak
Lynn D. and Christos Karabinas, M.D.
George W. Keefe*
Mary Lou and James A. Keenan Jr.
William J.* and Marie T. Kelliher
Mary A. Kelly*
Nora A. Kelly*
Thomas A. and Susan P. Kennelly
Vernon Kerber*
Paul J. and Barbara M. Kerwin
Frederick E. and Lorrie E. Keup
Pattee C. Kilday*
Dr. D. Thomas and Ruth A. King
Helen M. King*
Sara M. Kinsella*
Katherine E. Klaus*
Donald F. Klyce*
Ronald E. and Nancy Knutson
David A.* and Barbara G. Koch
Michelle N. and Paul Koch
Elizabeth A. Koester*
Dr. Mary M. and Raymond A.* Koleski
Ruth C.* and Severin H.* Koop, M.D.
Al Kosek*
John C. and Lois I. Kost
Thomas M. Kraemer*
Daniel* and Sandra S. Krakowski
Dr. Bruce H. Kramer* and Evelyn R. Emerson
Monica and Thomas L. Krebsbach Jr.
Dr. Stephanie L. and Matthew Krusemark
Robert C. Kucera
Maureen A. Kucera-Walsh and Michael F. Walsh
Fred A. Kueppers Sr.*
Cdr. Louis J. Kulot*
John S. Kupris and Margaret M. Hamburger
James A. and Susan J. Kurpius
George J.* and Geraldine J. Kurvers
Craig W. Labay
Rev. Anton J. Lachner, Ph.D.
Amy* and John T.* Lackner
Joseph J. and Teresa M. Lahti
Roland O. L'Allier Sr.*
Gino V. and Karen M. Lambo
Robert G. Lang*
Susan A. Lang

Joseph I. and Donna Langer
Laura L. Langer
William J.* and Margaret* Langlois
David W. Lankinen
Edward W. Lanpher*
Mary Louise* and James C. LaPlant, Ph.D.
Steven A. and Margaret Laraway
James P.* and Barbara A.*  Larkin
Kelly M. Larmon
Bruce A. Larson*
Howard A. Larson*
John C.* and Marilyn F.* Larson
William D. Larson*
Marguerite Lathrop*
Rev. Msgr. James M. Lavin*
Thomas J. Lawson*
Victoria M. Leafgren
Walter L. Lebeau*
Ed and Mary LeClair
Martin C. Leet, III
James E.* and Mary* LeMay
Eugene J.* and Beverly Lentsch
Elaine M. Leonard
Todd E. and Beth K. Leonard
James G. and Anne Lethert
Rev. Ryan P. Lewis
Katherine M. and Marshall Lichty
Martha* and James R.* Liesch, Ph.D.
James E. and Frances E.* Linstroth
Christopher E. Lipinski*
Paul J. and Donna J. Litteau
Robert G. and Mary Jo Loftus
Christopher Q. Longley
Timothy S. Lucey
Eugene O. Ludowese*
John T. Lunenschloss*
J. Raymond Lynard*
Thomas F. Madison
Arnold J.* and Grace I.* Mahlberg
Edward M. and Catherine E. Mahoney
James E. Malinski
Donald J. Malone*
John R. Maloney, D.D.S.*
Richard E. Marfise*
Roger N. Margotto
Yvette and James G. Marthaler Sr.
George V.* and Katherine* Martin
Pauline M. Martin
Keith A. Martinsen
Nancy A. and Thomas J. Martinson
Beth K. and Brian M. McCartan
Suzanne and Thomas J. McCarter, D.D.S.
Michael P. and Dianne T. McCarthy, Ed.D.
Philip R. McCarthy*
Timothy P. McConville and Kathi L. Crawford
John C. McCool, Ph.D.*
Dr. Robert F.* and Betty V.* McCool
J. Earl* and Beryl K.* McEnaney
Dennis J. and Barbara McFadden
Ellen K. McGee*
Jerome J. and Lisa McGivern
Renee Ruhme McGivern
Mary Z. McGrath
Florence* and John A.* McHugh
Daniel W. McKasy*
Donald O. McKay*
William J. and Kelly W. McLellan
John F. McMillan, Ph.D.*
Robert T. McNaney and Patricia Volpe-McNaney
Richard T.* and Helen M.* McNellis
Dr. Richard R. and Joan Meierotto
Dr. Kristine J. and Steven J. Melloy
Gerald N. and Kathleen M. Meyer
Robert A.* and Ardis* Meyer
Roger L. and Theresa* Meyer
Shelley A. and Bradley J. Meyer
Arnold P.* and Thelma M.* Mikulay
Leonard J.* and Marjorie A.* Mikulay
Dr. Timothy G. and Dr. Mary Z. Miley
Dr. John F. Militello, Ph.D. and Marilee A. Des Lauriers
Esther P. Miller*
Ronald F. Mirenda
Betty and Herbert F.* Mischke, C.L.U.
Linda E. and Mark J. Mischke Sr.
James A. and Linda R. Mitchell
Barbara and Richard J. Mohrbacher, Ph.D.
Myron H. and Carol J. Moland
John B. Molidor, Ph.D.
John P. Monahan
Athos J. Monti
Stephen C. and Mary S. Moosbrugger
William J. and Brenda Moosbrugger
Nancy E.* and Paul T. Moran, M.D.
Daniel P.* and Esther* Moriarty
Patrick J. Moriarty*
George H. and Alice R. Moskalik
Rev. Alan W. Moss*
C. Woolsey* and Louise J.* Motl
Dr. Carole A. Mottaz
Regina C. Mowery*
Karl D. and Elizabeth L. Mueller
Raymond H. and Eileen T. Muetzel
Joseph G.* and Mary R.* Mulheran
Frank T. Mullane*
Margaret and Gerald T. Mullin, M.D.
Michael J. and Catherine Mullin
Ruth A. Mullin*
Roberta A. Mundschenk*
James E. Murphy*
James F. Murphy*
Rev. Msgr. Terrence J. Murphy*
Edward F. Murray*
Henry G. Nachtsheim*
Barbara A. Nelson
Frances M. Nelson*
Jean E. Nelson
Paul R. Nermoe, D.D.S.*
Henry M. Neumann, Ph.D.*
E. Michael Newburg*
James T. and Mary Ellen Nichols
Dr. Judy H. and Dr. Walter G. Niehaus Jr.
Milton J. Nietfeld*
David H. Nimmer
James R. and Pam Nolan
Richard T. Nolan and Lin Criesi
Sandra S. Nolan*
Stanley C. Nolan*
Dr. Donald J.* and Margaret A.* Nollet
William J. Norman, D.D.S.*
Donald W.* and Irene S.* Norton
Agnes K. Nowak*
Donald A. Nowak and Joyce Lombardo Nowak
Edith M. Nowicki
Dr. Gerald R. O'Brien
Jennifer L. and Joel T. O'Brien
Capt. Thomas R. O'Connell*
Kenneth M. O'Connor*
John D. O'Dougherty*
Dennis R. O'Grady
Patrick A.* and Mary R.* O'Hara
Maria S. O'Leary*
Daniel D.* and Kathleen D. O'Neill
Laura C. and Thomas J. O'Rourke Jr.
Dr. Lawrence M. and Bonnie O'Shaughnessy
Arsham H. Ohanessian*
Marvin J.* and Mary K.* Ohlrogg
Ferdinand R.* and Dorothy W.* Ohnsorg
Mary F. Olin*
Eugene F.* and Arla Olive
Barbara Jean and Gerald T.* Olson
Mitchell A. Olson
Matthew Opack Jr.
Edward J.* and Laura* Oster
Margaret S. Osterhoudt*
Benjamin P. Owens, M.D.*
Thomas J. Pacholl and Rita G.* Otte
Kimberly A. and Kevin J. Palczynski
G. Richard and Peggy P. Palen
Roger R. Palmer*
Robert S. Parisi
Muriel L. Parker
Marjorie C.* and Raymond E.* Parks, M.D.
Mary F. and Richard L.* Parnell Sr.
John T. Pates*
Dr. Thomas E. Patrick*
John E. Pauly*
Malcolm M. Pearson, M.D.*
Mary A. and Peter D. Pearson
Nicole M. Pederson
Elmer M. Perrier*
Beth K. and Mark A. Peterson
Aimée K. Petra
Terrence J. and Mary O.* Petra
Kenneth R. and Elizabeth A. Petschel
Jeffrey W. and Carolyn S. Piepho
Lawrence E. and Patricia K. Piepho
Jean and Delmar* Pittman
Joseph P. Plante and Eric J. Neumann
Francis G.* and Florence* Pletz
Roaslind K. and Donald E. Plorde, Ph.D.
Michael J.* and Lorraine I. Pohlen
Robert J.* and Dorothy K.* Popelka
John E. and Joyce E. Povolny
John C. Powell
Dr. Bernard J.* and Mariella H. Powers
John H. Powers, Ph.D.*
Rev. Msgr. Robert L. Probst*
Dr. Christopher P. Puto
Michael F. Quance and Phyllis J. Armichardy
John J. Quinn
Catherine and Alfred J.* Rashid II
Alfred J. Rashid III
George W. Reardon
John M. and Helen Reardon
Kathryn Reardon
Elizabeth D. and Lincoln L.* Redshaw
Dr. Jeremiah and Mary Ann Reedy
Daniel M. Regan*
Lucille M. Regan*
William E. and Sally I. Regan
A. Margaret Regnier*
Robert M. and Ann M. Reid
William S. and Joanne V. Reiling
Hans F.* and Helen F.* Reiss
Francis G.* and Veoma M. Renelt
Richard B. Rice and Nancy J. Wood
Thomas E. Richardson
J. Gerald Richey*
Jerome R. Riedl*
Robert A.* and Betty L. Ritchie
Thomas R. Rochon
Harold J.* and Armella* Romansky
Louis Rosen and Sternie Kissen-Rosen*
Janet Ross*
Jerry F. and Louise R. Rotman
Josephine* and Daniel L.* Rousseau, M.D.
David V. Rousseau, M.D. and Ann H. Fisher
Michael F. and Delores J.* Rowan
Robert T. Rowland, M.D.*
Richard P.* and Margaret C.* Ruhme
Edward L.* and Dorothy J. Rumsey
Joseph E. and Rose Mary Russ
Dr. Lawrence R. Russ*
Catherine M.* and John P.* Ryan, Ph.D.
Joseph J. Ryan*
Mary C. Ryan
Nancy* and John R.* Ryan Sr.
Stanley F. Ryan*
Rev. Thomas K. Ryan*
Diane J. Sachs*
John R. Sadler and Madalon Recke
Patricia Sadler*
Cornelius A. Saffert*
Thomas J. Salmen
John A. Sammon*
Mary E. and Robert J. Satterstrom Sr.
Dr. Gene A. and Marilyn J. Scapanski
Dolores A. Schaefer
Rev. James Scharinger*
Carl J. Schenk*
Dr. Jerome J. Scherek*
Kyle J. and Jennifer E. Schiffler
Joseph P.* and Marjorie E.* Schmit
Helen* and Charles J.* Schmitt Sr.
Terry L. Schreiber and Sara Dunn
Janelle M. Schulenberg
Peter J. Schultz*
Thomas W. Schultz and Ann G. Harvey
Jerome J. Schwab*
Phyllis* and Alfred C.* Schwab Jr.
Carolyn F. Scott, Ph.D.
Carmen J. and Richard H.* Seifert, M.D.
Benjamin R. and Lesley Setterlund
Lou Anne and Timothy S. Sexton
Lisa L. Shaffer-Schreiber and Larry Schreiber
Ruth C. and James P.* Shannon, Ph.D.
Daniel B. Shea, Ph.D. and Kathleen A. Williams
Joseph M.* and Mary* Sheeran
Robert L. and Betty L. Sheeran
Thomas F. Sheridan, M.D.
William P. Sherman*
Ruth M. Siedow*
Amy M. and Robert Simpson
Amy A. Sirivie
John P. Skeate*
Angela K. and Gabriel M. Skelly
Virginia Skinner*
Rev. Henry J. Sledz*
Clare Sliney*
Rev. David W. Smith
Kristine and James M. Smith, M.D.
Jane J. Smith
Kenneth M. Smith
Lloyd F.* and Martha M. Smith
Robert W. and Charlotte Snook
Joseph R. Sokol*
Rev. Nathaniel J. Sokol
Carol S. and Niels H. Sorensen, M.D.
Margaret E.* and John T.* Spaniol Jr.
Michael A. and Gretchen A. Spath
James E.* and Janina M. Springer
Rev. Msgr. Stanley J. Srnec*
Charlotte K. and John T.* St. Martin Sr.
Walter J. Stauch*
John E. and Nan N. Steger
Dr. Sarah A. Stevenson
Robert P. Stock
William G.* and Anne M. Stocks
Joseph C.* and Mary D.* Stoffel
W. Dwight Stone*
Robert J. and Anne M. Strachota
Robert P. Strusinski
Dr. Thomas P. and Adrienne M. Sturm
John B.* and Mary Ann* Sudmeier
Jack T. Sullivan
Lori J. and Michael F.  Sullivan, Ph.D.
Dennis G.* and Susan Swan
Karen M. Tannahill*
Richard E. Taraldson*
Mary M. and John A. Tauer Jr.
James C. Taylor
Thomas W. and Karen A. Taylor
Alvin J. Tellers*
Thomas P. and Barbara A. Teresi
James V. Testor, M.D.*
George M. and Jill C. Thaler
Alfred J.* and Aline L. Therrien
Gerald R. Thiffault*
Dr. Joyce A. Thompsen and John Wright Jr.
Jonathon H. and Marcee K. Thompson
Richard A. and Ann M. Thonet
Michael J. and Rebecca R. Thyken
Dean A. and Cynthia M. Tibbetts
Robert K.* and Catherine K. Tierney
Ann C. Tietema and Matthew R. Blau
Hal E. Tiffany Jr. and Jone M. Woodside-Tiffany
Roger W. and Marlys A. Toogood
Edward J. Towey*
Leonard J.* and Lois M.* Tracy
John F. Trainor, Ph.D.*
John C. and Bonnie G. Treacy
Muriel F* and Bernard M.* Troje Sr.
Thomas E. Tschida*
John S. and Pat Tschohl
Donald R. Turner
Joseph E. Ullman*
Mary M. Ulrich*
Mark D. and Kim M. Vangsgard
Lt. Col. Richard T. Veigel
Cdr. Paul Vidani Jr.*
Marie* and Frank E.* Villaume Jr.
Jason D. and Paige O. Von Bank
Audrey M.* and Thomas W. Votel, M.D.
Leslie A. Wadelski
Robert T.* and Lois M.* Wallner
Arthur D. Walsh
Martin J. Walsh*
Rosemarie* and The Hon. Thomas W. Walsh
Albert A. Walters*
Robert G. and Jeanne Walz
Rev. Msgr. John C. Ward*
Dorothy K. Warner*
Thomas G.* and Marcella F. Wartman
Warren C. Wasescha*
John E. Wear*
Elisabeth N. Webb*
Arnold M. and Anne L. Weimerskirch
Robert B. Wellisch*
Carol and Steven J.* Welp
Frederick J. and Mary Ann Wenzel
Richard H. Whalen, Ph.D.*
Christopher S. and Karen O. Wheaton
Julie A. Wheeler
Melissa M. White
Anthony A. and Rosemary Wiggins
Richard A. and Lucy H. Wilhoit
Bernard A. and Jeanne A. Wilke
E. David and Kaye Willette
Gregg L. and Lisa M. (Klauss)* Willkom
Thomas A. and Rose M. Winkels
Rev. Karl M. Wittman*
John W.* and Roma Witzig
Dr. Rachel A. Wobschall
Albert A. and Karen K. Wolf
Susan L. and J. Terrence Wolkerstorfer
James B.* and Julie A. Woulfe
Angela* and The Hon. Daniel D.* Wozniak
William H. Wunsch*
Dr. Wendy N. Wyatt and Thomas Clasen
Donald M. and Arlene* Young
Carol B.* and The Hon. Ernest J.* Zack
Gordon C. Zahn, Ph.D.*
Wayne P. Zetzman
Mary E. and William L. Zimmer
Dr. Frederick M. and Joanell E. Zimmerman
Dr. Nancy H. Zingale and Dr. William H. Flanigan
Lyle L. and Elaine T. Zitzman
Francis J.* and Violet H.* Zucco