Current Parents

In addition to supporting their children financially throughout their college careers, many parents make extra gifts to St. Thomas. We salute the parents of current students who invest so generously in the university.

* – Deceased | All gifts made during fiscal year 2017 (July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017)

Anonymous Donor
Donald and Kate Abbott
Shirley Abrams
Steven M. and Claire Ackerson
Jason and Kim Adam
Thomas E. and Victoria L. Ademite
Jody Ainley
Daniel and Judy A. Akin
Christopher S. Allen
Geoff and Kathleen Allen
Eugene C. and Karla D. Amann
Gregory G. and Anne A. Amick
David A. and Nancy H. Anderson
Gregory P. and Laurie Anderson
Joel S. and Jennifer L. Anderson
Linda K. Anderson
Mark and Kristen Anderson
Linda Andries
Jennifer Anfang
Jon and Melissa Arfstrom
Michael B. and Lisa Argir
Linda J. Atella
Kenneth J. and Terese L. Atzmiller
Erik N. and Lisa Aunan
Richard and Lisa Baker
Brad and Nanncy Baldschun
Brian and Julie Balk
Randy and Michelle Ballensky
Seema and Zehyani Bankwala
John F. and Linda M. Bannigan
Nancy and Leslie F. Banyard
Stephanie and Nicolas Barakos
Richard and Lisa Barbari
Leonard and Catherine Barnes
Rosemary R. Barreto
Michael P. and Barbara J. Barrett
Thomas J. and Michele J. Barry
Karin M. and James Bartness
Lawrence E. and Jane M. Barton
Allan and Jane Bates
Christopher S. and Natalie Bauleke
James Bauman
Scott and April Baumgartner
Luke A. and Robin M. Bearth
Marie J. Beck
Michael Beck and Rae Williams
Scott Beck
James B. Becker
Janet E. and Thomas W. Becker
Boreen Beckman
Michael F. Bednarek
Denise and Steven Bellmore
Jennifer L. and Denny Bennett
Dawn D. Benning
David and Paulette Berger
Luigi and Colette N. Bernardi
David and Jean Berry
David and Lynne Berwald
Thomas and Julie Betti
Mary S. Bianchi
Patricia Bidwill
Allen Birnbaum and Amy Birmbaum
Richard and Rachelle Bissing
The Hon. Louise and John Bjorkman
Steven and Kathlyn Blagoue
Susana Blanco-Iglesias and Leif A. Olson
Christopher and Raiko Blattner
Harold and Terri Boccheciamp
Terry and Pamela Boevers
Elizabeth M. Boivin and William Johnson
Dean and Joann Bonde
Sean and Melinda Boodoo
Mark and Lisa Bradley
Anthony T. and Celeste L. Brausen
Darian and Jodie Brend
Monica A. and Terrance Brennan
James R. and Janet Bricher
E. Jay and Marjie A. Brodersen
Marcia A. and Mark Broman
John and Susan Bromen
Alan and Maureen Brown
Angela Brown
Lynn R. and Robert L. Brown
Patrick and Julianne Brunken
Robert and Lisa Bruno
Julie Bueno
Denise Bunde
Rodney and Kerrie Bunnell
Charlotte Burgin
John and Mary Burke
Michael T. and Christine L. Burke
Eyum Burnley
James W. and Debra A. Burns
Timothy and Susan Burriss
Michaeleen and Tracy Burroughs
David and Barbara Bursey
Jeffrey and Tamara Cain
Jason and Anna Caldarera
Mary K. and Charles Callahan
Michael P. and Kimberly A. Campbell
Karen A. and Dale Cardinal
Timothy O. and Lisa Carey
Bruce E. Carlson
Dave and Lori Carlson
Louann and Scott Carpenter
Jill K. and Michael E. Carter
Dr. Corrine L. Carvalho, Ph.D.
William R. and Kris Casey
Suzanne M. and James J. Casper
Brian and Renee Cassens
John and Meg Cates
Bruce and Dee Cauble
Douglas J. and Donna Caywood
Christine and Anthony Checkalski
Josef and Roxane Chlachula
Paul and Jennette Cisneros
Amy Clark
Christopher J. Clark
Thomas Clark
David D. and Sharon K. Cline
Steve and Ann Clute
Michael D. Coates and Lois Kabela-Coates
William A. Cobbs
Dr. Michael F. and Monica Cogan
Jeffrey G. and Lynn E. Colyer
Patrick Conley
Evans E. Connelly Jr.
Jim and Shelley Controneo
Julie A. and Derek R. Cooper
Scott M. Corbett and Elizabeth Buchl Corbett
Thomas J. and Pamela Cordes
Mark T. and Margaret T. Cory
Andy and Dana Cossette
Mike and Kari Costa
Randy and Ann Cowan
Thomas and Marie Cox
Christopher and Mary Kay Coyne
Michael and Marian Craig
Christopher W. and Amy Croatt
Peter J. and Mary Curoe
Edward and Bridget Czarnecki
David J. and Sharon D'Jock
Colin and Amy Daly
Quyen Dang-Duong
Benjamin Darien and Deborah Dar
John Davies and Peg Wallock Davies
Joi Davis
Lincoln Davis and Cherie Handberg-Davis
Thomas and Jodi M. Davis
William R. Davis
Mark and Renee Dawson
Jim A. and Denise I. Deering
Steven and Jodie M. DeGrave
Dan and Dana Dehmer
Christine E. and Denny R. DeNio
Michael Dennis and Rebecca Swenson-Dennis
Timothy and Tammy Dennis
Mike and Jacqueline Di Giacomo
Dean M. and Deborah A. Dibias
Jane and Terrance Dilling
James M. and DeAnn Dolan
Joseph and Karen Dolan
Joseph P. and Catherine Dolge
Bruce and Kelly Domaille
William and Stacey Dorsey
Timothy Dosen
Larry and Martha Dover
Richard and Shannon Dowdle
Kathleen M. Doyle and Thomas Wade
Pamela A. and Robert Drehmel
Jeanette K. and Mark Dubanoski
James H. and Julie Duff
Holly and Brian Duffy
Steven and Michele Duncan
Jeffrey and Joan Dunning
Jeff and Lori Duranso
Justin and Dawn Dworak
Angela M. Dzik
Ty and Sandra Earp
Mark A. and Virginia M. Ebacher
Richard J. and Lou Ann Eberspacher
Thomas and Marcia Ehlers
Jim and Vicki Eischens
Marcus J. and Joann Eischens
John and Elizabeth Ekholm
Patrick Eliason and Laura Whitney
William and Mary S. Enck
Mark R. and Kathleen Endres
Melissa Enger
Jon B. Engeswick
Todd R. and Amy English
Mary Erdman
Elise Erdmann
Steven W. and Allison Erickson
Ben and Jodi Eskierka
Richard R. and Mary Evenson
Cheryl and Richard Falbo
Deborah and Matthew Falk
Michael and Linda Farrell
Chandra Fels
Daniel and Amy Fennewald
Hubert C. and Pamela D. Fernandez
Monte J. and Brenda Fernholz
Raymond Figueroa
Christopher and Grace Filetti
Dominique and Diana Filloux
Janie Finn
Patrick and Melissa Finn
K.C. and Jennifer A. Fischer, M.D.
Kari and Col. John R. Fischer, Jr., M.D.
Patrick and Cheryl Fischer
James and Theresa Fisher
Jon and Jacqueline Fitzgerald
Martha and Matthew L. Flinn Jr.
Jan Ellen O. and Brian Fowler
Lynn and Steve Frank
Kevin J. and Sarah O. Franklin
Cheryl and Stephen Freese
Charles E. and Earin Friedbauer
William and Christine Friederichs
David and Suzanne Frishman
Larry and Beth Frye
Scott and Janelle Fuhrmann
Douglas J. and Lori A. Fuller
Patricia Gagne
Joel and Linda Galang
Kurt A. and Michelle L. Galante
Alfred A. and Nancy B. Galgano
David M. and Miriam Gannon
Dwayne A. and Nancy Ganzel
Trish Gardiner
David A. and Janet L. Gardner
Ron and Karin Garrett
Colleen Garry-Marschall and Charles Marschall
Rick R. and Laurie A. Gartner
Lori B. and Ralph Gasow Jr.
J. Timothy and Janis J. Gaule
John and Kathleen Gehrig
James C. and Elizabeth A. Georgantones
John D. and Karen M. Gerhardt
Jeffrey D. and Leslie Gerkin
Daniel A. and Holly Gieseke
Linda K. and David G. Gilbert
Nicole Gillette
Randy and Lisa Gish
Michael and Susan Glad
Michelle L. and R. Scott Glasgow
Thomas C. Glass and Colleen Deegan-Glass
Jill J. and Armond Glidewell
Diane S. Gobran and Steven Olson
James C. and Sandra Gooley
John S. and Patricia M. Gordon
Thomas and Pamela Goris
Sally A. and Kevin M. Greer
Todd Gregersen
Christopher S. and Colleen Gregg
Matt Griebie and Jeannie Larson
Bradley and Candace Groebner
Eric and Elaine Grotbeck
Thomas L. Grundhoefer*
James M. and Margaret C. Grygleski
Kimberly and Van Guentzel
Heather Guggemos
Neal E. and Julie A. Guggemos
Kristen L. and William Gullicks
Kristine O. and Doug Gunderson

Paul R. and Sheryl Gunderson
James and Diane Gustin
David and Jane Gwidt
Mary Jane and Rod Haanen
Daniel R. and Kelly K. Halonen
Roger and Pamela Hamilton
Charles and Deborah Hammel
Michael and Kathryn Hankard
James M. and Susan M. Hannon
Thomas M. Hanson and Kathryn Polakiewicz
Kathy and Mark Harrington
Christopher J. and Taunia A. Hart
Karen M. and David Harthorn
Marlene E. and John C. Haske
Gretchen A. and Steven D. Hauble
Thomas and Anne Hayes
Faye Hayhurst
Kevin and Sherri Hefferan
Ann M. and Gregory J. Heimel
Mike and Jane Heinks
John and Julie Heintz
John and Molly Heisler
Michael and Jeanne Heller
Katrina M. and Matthew J. Hemauer
Shannon D. Hendricks
Mark S. and Dawn M. Hendrickson
Thomas B. and Barb Henkemeyer
Peter and Ann Herb
Daniel J. and Nancy Herbeck
John and Mary Herbertz
Mickey and Teresa Herrli
Kenneth and Beverly Heutmaker
Marie L. and Dan Hilliard
David W. and Shauna L. Hillman
Betsy Jo and James J. Hiniker III
Fehmida and Munirali Hirani
Thomas G. and Margaret S. Hoel
Kevin M. and Sharyn A. Hoffman
John and Tracey Hokanson
Gregory J. and Wendy Holly
Charles and Susan Holscher
Timothy Hoover
Brian R. and Marcia A. Howard
Timothy A. and Gina Howard
Gregory P. and Patricia N. Hoyt
Jim Huddleston
Juanito M. Huerta
Angela C. and Paul Hughes
Braden and Lynette Hughs
David S. Hume and Amy Stricker-Hume
Timothy and Laura Husnick
Tracy and Michael Infante
Russell and Sheree Ingebritson
John and Carol Inserra
Mary H. and Dr. J. Thomas Ippoliti, Ph.D.
Alfred A. and Brenda C. Iversen
Elizabeth J. and Glenn Iverson
Glaydon Iverson
Cary and Renae Jacobs
Bradley D. and Kristen M. Jacobsen
Susan J. and Paul Jaeger
Christopher J. and Jean Jaekels
Russ Janklow
Donna M. and Joseph C. Jansen
Martin J. and Harriette X. Janssen
Kevin and Deborah Jarosik
Steven and Kathleen Jaskowiak
Steven J. Jennings and Ann M. Catapano
Ann M. and Mark Jensen
Peggy Ann R. Jerabek
Gerald F. and Susan E. Jirsa
James W. and Susan Johnson
Jon Johnson
Kathleen and Timothy Johnson
Rebecca Johnson
Stacie L. and Mark Johnson
Stephanie L. and Darin Johnson
Todd S. and Jan Johnson
Wendy and Kurt Johnson
Rachel A. Jordal
Diana E. and Paul Kaardal
Judy Kaldenberg
Jennifer and Brandon Kalenberg
Michael J. and Mary Kamish
James A. and Anne V. Kane
Sheila J. and Jerome Kaufer
Mary F. Kaul-Hottinger and David G. Hottinger
Peter and Colleen Kearney
Antonia Kellerhuis
Wayne and Heidi Kelly
Ronald Kent
Michael G. Kerner
Paul and Brigid Kerschinske
Wayne and Mary Beth Kester
Gregory J. and Cathy J. Keup
Duane and Susan Kilby
Leslie N. and James Kiley
Brian and Carolyn Kinney
Sally and Timothy Kisla
Jeffrey T. and Lisa K. Kittelson
Brian and Melody Klein
Theresa and Dr. Michael C. Klein, Ed.D.
Jay and Karen Klemm
John L. and Christine M. Klinkner
Jacalyn R. Knight
Sherri Knisley
Jack and Tania Koegel
Jimmy and Karen Koenigs
Robert Kohler and Rebecca Lokowich-Kohler
Michael Kohorst
Michael and Deborah Kolasinski
Peter A. and Ingrid Koller
Mark and Patti Kornetzke
John and Mary Kosanda
John R. and Lesa A. Koski
Dean R. and Kay F. Kovack
Patricia J. and Daniel Kowalke
David and Carol Kraft
Peter and Leanne Kramer
James M. and Susanna M. Krause
James and Denise Krummi
Randolph J. and Lisa Kubes
Karyl L. and Curt Kubiak
Larry and Nancy Kullas
Ron and Patrice Kullas
Daman and Monisha Kumar
Mike and Tamara Kurtz
William D. and Sharyn Kusterman
Josh Ky and Phoung Tran
John J. Labosky and Julie Labrosky
Kenneth E. and Brenda LaChance
Jude J. and Julie J. Lague
Darren Lake
Joyce Larbi
Rob and Amy Larkin
Jay and Jane Larson
Jeffrey T. and Gretchen Larson
Linda M. and Sean Larson
Peggy M. and Kevin Larson
Scott W. and Lisa Larson
William J. and Jeanine Lauer
James and Jean Lavigne
Oladipo and Taiwo Lawal
Patrick Leary
Mary and Kenneth Ledman
Gary and Lisa Lehmann
Steven and Joyce Leipold
William A. LeMire and Dr. Elizabeth M. Jansen LeMire
Fred and Lisa M. Lent
William P. and Mary K. Lentsch
Elizabeth J. Lenz
Arvo A. and Kathleen Lepasepp
Stephen T. and Roxanne L. Lerum
Neal F. and Jill A. Lesmeister
Timothy and Therese Liffrig
Brad and Leslie Lindberg
Kelly Lindstrom
Mark and Kaari Link
Michael G. and Denise Linn
Farrell and Robin Lloyd
Bridget Logstrom Koci
William T. and Sheila M. Londo
David and Jayne Long
Kyle and Kari Loven
Mark W. and Linda C. Lucke
Kent and Debra Ludford
Mitchell D. and Jane Luecke
Dan and Ann Lund
Don Lund
Timothy and Barbra MacDonald
Gary and Patty Machalec
Derek Maffei and Rebecca Mafei
Rhonda and Brian Maghan
Kelly and Michael Magnuson
Steve and Kathleen Magoline
Keith and Mara Mahoney
Candace and John Mailand
Joann Mallon
Patrick and Diane Mancuso
Robert J. and Jennie M. Mandile
Thomas S. and Carla K. Marchio
Tim and Deborah Marion
William and Christy Marketon
Daniel Markham
Tabitha and Dr. John W. Martens, Ph.D.
Charles and Mary Martin
Marie and Mark Martin
Brian and Kimberly Mason
Alan and Kristine Massman
Jeffrey and Leontyne Maxwell
Jill May
Brenda Maybery
David J. and Julie J. Mayne
Brian and Ellen McCabe
Christina McCracken
Alan and Elizabeth McCrank
John and Jennifer McDonald
David and Wendy McDonell
Barbara A. and Eugene J. McGivern
Roger McGlone and Kristin Dahl
Timothy J. and LeeAnn McGonigal
Timothy G. McGrath and Diana L. Murcek
Patricia F. and James H. McKenna
Gregory W. and Bridget M. McKewan
Hugh E. Mcsherry and Susan McSherry
Michael A. and Nadine Mehring
Peter Mellin
Elizabeth Melton
James and Kris Melton
Peter and Maria Meulepas
Daniel J. Meuwissen
Lisa A. Meuwissen
Mark T. and Stacey L. Meyer
Richard and Sue Ann Meyer
Kevin P. and Connie L. Michels
Francis M. and Katherine Miley
Bruce and Christine Miller
Linda E. and Mark J. Mischke Sr.
Mary E. and Michael Mischke
Donald Mitchell and Candace Colson Mitchell
Riyad and Rima Mohama
Lawrence H. and Cindy S. Mohr
David W. and Pamela S. Molin
Scott and Ann Moll
Thomas and Dynae Monahan
Edward and Maureen Montiel
Karen R. and Paul Montour
Karen A. Moran
Dan and Cindy Mord
Michael and Sally Morone
Scott J. and Megan Morris
Tara A. and Thomas A. Motzel
Andrew Muench and Elizabeth Addington
Christopher and Leslie Mullin
James B. and Melissa A. Murphy
Gregory W. and Amy Narey
Dr. Michael J. and Teresa M. Naughton
Patrick J. and Melissa A. Nault
Jack R. and Connie M. Negaard
Maria and Grant Nellis
Carl and Cynthia Nelson
Kristi and Barry Nelson
Sarah E. and Steven Nelson
Steven W. and Debra L. Nelson
Dr. Mark R. Neuzil, Ph.D. and Amy J. Kuebelbeck
Kerri and Thomas Neville
Patrick J. and Marianne Newell
Ted and Lori Nickels
Marlene and James Nielsen
Carol and Wayne Nierenhausen
Stephanie J. and Gregory Nierenhausen
Richard and Sue Noack
Steven M. and Jennifer Noto
Keith R. and Marcia K. Nowicki
Patrick and Elizabeth O'Brien
Timothy and Julie O'Donnell
Michael and Wendy O'Leary
Christopher R. and Pamela Ogren
Renee and John Olmschenk
Richard J. and Margaret M. Orabutt
Kristina L. and Kevin Otto
James R. and Lisa Page
Gene C. and Julie A. Pagel
Christina and John Pallini

Theresa J. and Jeffrey Palumbo
Eric and Michele Panken
Daniel and Susan Pape
Louis C. and Mary Pappas
Susan B. and Cory M. Parnell
Christine A. Patch
Jerome and Barbara Paulson
Jane A. Pederson
Corby J. and Beate Pelto
Anthony J. and Cara Pence
Tammy Perkins
Joe Perra
Scott and Jenny Perry
Carol J. and Robert J. Peterfeso Jr.
Dr. Debra L. Petersen and Tracy Fredin
Patricia J. Petersen
Jeff and Pamela Petersmeyer
Lawrence G. and Melissa Peterson
Nancy A. Peterson
Kim Phan
Rebecca S. and Steven Piechowski
John and Kelley Pierce
Catherine Plumb
Donna Porsche
Marilynn J. and Steven E. Poss
Sandra L. and David A. Posten
Christine and Roderick Preston
Audra Quandt
Kim Rademacher
Mike and Chris Ralston
David and Karla Ramberg
William and Tammy Rawling
John and Darla Rayman
Saleem Raza and Sabeen Fatima
Brian J. and Margaret C. Reagan
Mark and Paula Redemske
Dr. Margaret A. Regner-Hodge and David C. Hodge
David and Sue Reichart
John A. and Sue Reinart
John B. and Kathy S. Reinhart
Paul and Lisa Reiss
Michael and Beth Repka
Joel S. and Ann Resemius
David and Gayle Rettner
Mark and Terri Rezac
Eileen M. and Thomas J. Rice, M.D.
David S. Richter
Mary Ellen and James Richter
Greg and Tracy Riffle
James W. and Lisa K. Rikkers
Jason and Stacey Ripley
Susan G. and James W. Ritchay Jr.
Edward F. and Ruth T. Robeck
Jeff M. and Susan Rockwell
Gretchen R. and Greg Rode
Mario Rodriguez and Nohemi Calvario
Jay and Lynne Rohkohl
Paul and Amy Rolland
James Rondeau
Bradley and Sherry Rootkie
Douglas and Donna Rosentreter
John G. and Laura J. Ross
Leo H. and Valerie A. Roster Martin
Terry and Cathy Roth
Lisa Ruble-Murphy
Eric and Jane Rudd
James E. and Deneen Rudorfer
Mae C. Rukavina and Eric F. Stich, D.D.S.
Timothy E. and Janet Rumon
Michael Rutschke and Susan Pearson
Paul and Eileen Ryan
Faizal R. and Noorjehan Saiyed
Michael J. and Dina B. Salmen
Ryan and Carli Sam
Dean E. and Lori Sanders
Retno Saridewi-Wong and Seet Wong
Carrie R. Sartin
Bruce and Amy Satterlund
Allen Saunders and Janet Saunder
Colleen E. Sauter
Glenn and Angela Sayer
William and Ann Scallon
Keith and Ann Schaefbauer
Suzette M. Scheele
Michelle M. and Brian M. Schlichter
Michael Schlosser and Deborah Frericks
Brent and Amy Schlueter
Eugene C. and Chris Schmidt
Gregory and Teresa Schmidt
Thomas Schmitt and Linda Niemela
David S. and Karen K. Schmitz
Kay M. and Jeff Schneider
Paul and Kate Schnettler
David and Susan Schock
Mark J. and Teresa Schoenfelder
Donald E. Schoenholz
David and Jaynne Schouweiler
James and Tamara Schreiner
Robert M. and Cyrena Schroeder
Lynette Schultz
Richard and Kristine Schultz
John M. Schumacher and Elizabeth Franklin
Paul J. and Paula Schumacher
Lorry Schwartz Karow and Troy Karow
Steve L. Schwartz and Juanita Vogel
Jon and Jane Schwartzman
Donald and Lori Scribner
Nevine Sedrak
Michael Seering and Kim Lepak-Seering
Brian J. and Jean M. Seibel
Shane A. and Jennie Seibert
Jay and Karmen Seltz
Donna E. and Patrick Seng
Randy Severson and Mary Parish
Brian and Tammy Sevigny
James and Teresa Sexton
Mark Shannon and Tina Sinnott-Shannon
George W. and Cathy Shields
Harold A. and Kimberly A. Shillingstad
Haden and Jill K. Shipman
John W. and Ronda A. Short
Donovan M. Sienko
Patrick K. and Lorrie Sienko
Chrystal Simek
Beth A. and Warren Simon
Donald J. and Catherine Sinjem
Ruth A. and Philip A. Sinn
Kathleen Skonieczny
Frank and Anne Skorski
Dr. Mary F. and David Slack
Christopher M. and Lynn M. Smith
Craig M. Smith and Jill Schreiber-Smith
David and Jennifer N. Smith
Jeffrey D. and Susan S. Smith
Mary L. and Quentin Smith
Philip and Amena Smith
Robert and Lisa A. Smith
Stephanie Smith
Timothy A. and Julia Smith
James and Becky Soderholm
William and Lisa Sotis
Michael J. and Margaret Sowada
Mike and Kathryn A. Spanier
Terence D. and Carol-Lynn Spawn
Meredith and Christian Spesia
Jon and Amy Spetz
Jennifer L. and Greg Springman
Lannette K. and Troy L. Sprouls
Sheryl Stafford
Diane M. and Steven Stahl
Rebecca and Philip Stanchfield
Jill and Scott Stanley
Mark L. and Georgette A. Steeves
Keith Steffenhagen
Robert and Barbara S. Steinbrunn
Mark and Sandra Stelflug
Chad A. and Cheryl A. Stensrud
William and Manon Sternberg
John and Tracy Sterne
Marci Stevenson
Sharon T. Stevson
Lisa Stiff
Dr. Peter J. and Marcie Stokman
Ron E. and Suzanne E. Strauss
Judith M. Strobel and Lowell Thompson
Robert J. and Catherine L. Stroebel
Linda and James Studee
Mike and Sue Sullivan
Teresa and Steve Sullivan
Daniel and Carmen Suter
Glenn and Adele Svetnicka
Joseph V. and Kathleen A. Sweeney
Timothy R. and Jody Sweet
Michael and Brenda Swenson
Thomas J. and Elizabeth A. Swords
David and Connie Sylvester
Tiffany and Robert Syverson
William Syverson
David D. and Laura D. Taufen
Lynnette Tessem
Gary R. and Elizabeth A. Testa
Thomas N. and Cindy Teuber
Thong Thao and Christine S. Vang
Richard Theno
James G. Thies
Laura and George Thomas
David and Amy Thompson
Kristin J. and Peter J. Thorp
Frank and Debra Thurner
Michael J. and Ruth E. Thurner
Scott and Tammie Thyen
Randall C. and Karin M. Thysse
Scott and Susan Tinklenberg
Douglas V. and Susan Toavs
Kelly R. and Christopher J. Tomas
David and Tonya Toonen
Bruce Tower
Jeff and Kate Towle
Christopher J. and Julie Trapp
Gary J. and Pauline B. Trettel
Laurie M. Trow
Barbara E. Tucci and John P. Lundberg
John P. and Jean E. Tuohy
James R. and Wendy M. Turner
Patrick and Mary Udelhofen
Timothy and Michelle Uecker
Nancy A. and Kenneth L. Ullmann
Mark and Lisa Urzen
Dawn M. and Doug D. Vail
Jay and Barbara Valentyn
James R. and Mary Van Lieshout
Ed VanCampenhout and Linda Johnson
Dale and Mary Vancil
Kelly and John B. Vecere II
Doug and Anita Veith
Thomas and Ginger Venable
Paul A. and Judith A. Vijums
Richard J. and Jennifer Vitale
Bryan and Maria Vivier
Paul R. Vlasak and Deena M. Conrad-Vlasak
Carrie J. Volante
Timothy and Amy Voss
Stephen and Teri Wagner
Brenda and Gregg Walters
Joyce and Michael Walton
Cliff and Helen Wang
Werner K. and Natalie Wardin
Kelley V. and William M. Warner
Stephen W. Wasz and Margaret A. Moutvic-Wasz
Randy P. and Renee Wawrzyniak
Gregory J. and Colleen Weber
James G. and Staci Weber
Roger and Michele Weber
Robin Weibel
Russel and Madonna Weiss
Paul G. and Anne Welle
Bonnie and Bruce Werner
Kathleen M. and Richard Weyandt
Catherine A. and Craig A. Whetston
Kurt Whitcomb
David N. and Tracy White
Joseph P. White and Jeanne A. Hannah-White
Matthew T. and Jana L. Whiting
Cari E. and Dan L. Whitmore
Christopher and Suzanne Wielgos
Sandra Wiesen
Jeffrey M. and Andrea Wieser
Lisa Willems
Maureen and Mark Williams
Julie C. and Steve Wilson
Michael and Elaine Wilson
Heather Winchell-Flemmons
Thomas A. and Rose M. Winkels
Michael and Donna Winters
Chad and Lisa Wohlers
Christine M. Woitaszewski and Scott Woitazsewski
Thomas J. and Renee C. Wratkowski
Scott and Cara Wright
Christopher S. Xiong and Xiong Yang
Michael and Susan Yankowiak
Janice and Rock Yliniemi
Sarah J. and Steven Youngblood
Daniel and Natalie Zeleznikar
John and Linda Zimmerman
Donald and Tamara Zurbay
Susan and Dennis Zwaschka