Students cheering at Homecoming

St. Thomas Class Agent Program

What is a Class Agent?

Each undergraduate class has a group of Class Agents who lead their class fundraising by keeping in touch with classmates, asking them to support St. Thomas and thanking them for their gifts.

Why are Class Agents important?

Class Agents empower alumni to be stewards of St. Thomas. Tommies asking fellow Tommies to help today’s Tommies.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Work with fellow Class Agents in setting goals for dollars and participation.
  • Provide leadership for other donors by making an early annual gift commitment.
  • Contact 10-20 classmates to solicit annual gifts. Answer questions, provide updates on what’s new at St. Thomas and thank them for their gifts.
  • Serve as advocates and ambassadors for giving to St. Thomas among classmates and other alumni.

Commitment Timeframe

Class agents would be able to do their outreach at the time and place of their choosing during a Fall and Spring two-week period.


Are you interested in volunteering to serve as a Class Agent for the University of St. Thomas?


Ariene Willkom ’05, ’14 M.A.
Assistant Director of Alumni Giving
(651) 962-6929

Current Class Agents

  • Class of 1951
    • Jean Gray
  • Class of 1959
    • Al Colling
  • Class of 1960
    • John Fischer
  • Class of 1965
    • Bill Lynch
  • Class of 1966
    •  Denny Farrell
  • Class of 1976
    • John Hickey
    • John Nalbor
    • Ed O'Rourke
    • Steve Rukavina
  • Class of 1986
    • Joe Johnston
    • Jeff Kasimor
    • Joe Lally
    • Jeff Lund
    • Tim Murphy
  • Class of 1996
    • Scott Ackerman
    • Tony Brand
    • Jason Livingston
    • Katie (Burke) Nyberg
    • Brendt Simpson
    • Nicole (Bundy) Simpson
    • Jim Young
  • Class of 2006
    • Derek Bussler
    • J.J. Kirby
    • Ann Noonan
    • Lindsay (Blair) Fort
  • Class of 2011
    • Adam Baker
    • Sean Barrett
    • David King
    • Diane Kulseth
    • Jordan Osterman
    • Miles Trump
    • Ben Wartman