Why Study Geology?

Geologists do not simply study rocks.  Rather, they explore how the Earth works, what has happened in the long and rich history of the planet, and they model the changes we might expect in the future.  Below are a few important reasons why you should consider studying Geology:

Geology is a dynamic scientific discipline emphasizing hands-on work in the field and the laboratory.  The Geology Department takes pride in our ability to get students to work exploring new and ongoing research questions in both their coursework and individualized projects with faculty.  Our faculty and students work collaboratively on relevant projects at local, national, and international sites of interest.   

Career opportunities in Geology are strong and on the rise.  Indeed, Forbes magazine recently ranked Geology at #7 on its list of the most valuable college majors and the job outlook for geoscientists is projected at faster than average for 2010-2020 by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  The Geology Department seeks to provide a solid foundation in the Earth sciences for its majors, preparing them for a variety of career paths.   Recent graduates of our program have placed into good jobs in environmental consulting, the petroleum and mining industries, education, and more.

A geology major prepares you for other careers in business, law, education, and others.  Recent graduates of our program have gone into each of the fields listed above, and many more.  The skills that we stress in our program like critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, working in groups, and technical writing are recognized and valued by potential employers in all fields. 

An education in Geology will prepare you to understand and take action on critical global challenges.  Geology is at the core of a number of significant societal challenges including our ever-increasing demand for energy, climate and environmental change, and natural hazard preparedness.  Consistent with UST’s mission, Geology Department faculty strive to build students’ problem-solving skills so that they can advance the common good.