UST Geology in Iceland

‌During May - June 2015,  Geology faculty offered a new field course, "Field Methods and Sustainable Energy Use in Iceland" in an effort to train students in basic geological and environmental science field techniques including geologic mapping, topographic profiling, soil and sediment sample collection, and petrographic analysis.  Students also explored and reflected on environmental sustainability issues, with a primary focus on sustainable energy use and alternative energy resources.   We accomplished this through a series of 1 to 3-day field projects, discussions with local experts, and  site visits to geothermal plants, fishing communities, and active volcanic centers.  Four students took the course for upper-level credit and completed research projects investigating past volcanic eruptions and ongoing changes to Iceland's glaciers.  

This course is being offered again in 2018!  Please contact Kevin Theissen or Jeni McDermott for information.


 ‌‌students and faculty on coastal tephra outcrop.

Students and faculty examine Iceland geology for the first time soon after arrival in May 2015.  

group photo at Hellisheidi geothermal plant.

The group at the Hellisheidi geothermal plant which powers Reykjavik. 

Stream gaging near Skaftafell glacier.

Students stream gaging near the Skaftafell glacier in southeast Iceland. 

Surveying the glacial landscape at Skaftafell.

Students surveying the glacial landscape at Skaftafell. 

KT holding a puffin.Puffin!!