Welcome to our alumni page!

We're glad that you chose to visit this site. It means that you're curious about what we're up to in your geology department. If you look over the other parts of the website, you'll quickly see that things are definitely happening in geology at St. Thomas. One of our big efforts has been to reconnect with alumni from across the country. You are a far-flung group, doing interesting things with your degree, and we hope that we can begin to work more closely with you to help continue this strong geoscience program.

How can you help?

  • Act as a mentor to geology majors as they seek out a career
  • Help to connect geology majors with summer internship and other job opportunities
  • Work to organize other geology alumni events, so that we can meet on a more regular basis
  • Join us on geology department and geology club sponsored field trips
  • Participate in our 'What do Geologists Do' seminar series
  • Support either the Brownstein Scholarship or the Brownstein Fund for Professional Development, our two, endowed scholarship programs that were initiated by Jack Brownstein shortly before he passed away
  • Give unrestricted funds to the geology department for the purpose of purchasing much-needed laboratory and field equipment
  • Share your ideas for additional ways that geology alumni can become involved with the program

Contact Melissa (Lisa) Lamb, Department Chair