Here are some great MAP links you may find useful:

US State Highpoints - This interactive map uses ArcGIS Online to display the highest points of each US state and Washington, DC. Popups reveal detailed information about each highpoint.

US County Highpoints - similar to the US State Highpoint map, this map locates all the highest countours for each county in the USA.

Truckers Report - An interesting guide to mapping with plenty of ancient and modern map examples. This link was graciously provided by students from the Elm Grove Area Community Services Center.  

True North - Historical maps of Minnesota from the archives of the Minnesota Historical Society.

Atlapedia - This online atlas/encyclopedia contains full color physical and political maps ,as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world.

Take a Seat Road Trip Geography - Traveling by car across the United States or taking a seat on a plane headed around the world can be great ways to learn about geography, but you can get started learning about this subject just by looking at maps. - Check the online world atlas to view maps of more than 190 nations and all 50 states.

MapWindow GIS - A free, extensible, geographic information system (GIS) application that includes standard GIS data visualization features as well as DBF attribute table editing, shapefile editing, and grid importing and conversion.

FlashEarth - Like Google Earth, only this site lets you choose among 8 different sources of aerial imagery, some of which are better than others, searchable by location.

Google Earth - Wow! Find any place on the planet, zooming there from outer space. Still working on the resolution of the imagery in some spots, but pretty nice features, such as zooming in and out and tilt.

Maps and Geography of the World - A huge index of links to country and city maps from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

Map Machine from National Geographic - An online encyclopedia with facts, profiles, maps, and flags for each country.

USGS Maps - Find and order USGS maps for anywhere in the U.S.

MapQuest - An interactive atlas with trip-plotting features. Membership is free.

Bing Maps - Find your way home, or punch in any street in the U.S. and see it up close.

The PCL Map Collection (University of Texas, Austin) - A Texas-sized collection with good historic coverage.

The Great Globe Gallery - Tons of globes, both educational and fun.