SUST Course Designation

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If you are one of the many St. Thomas faculty whose courses contain a significant sustainability component, the Office of Sustainability Initiatives has some exciting news! We can now formally identify courses that include a sustainability component using the SUST designation, and SUST-designated courses can be used by students to complete the new Sustainability minor

SUST courses appear in Murphy and Classfinder through the Sustainability Initiatives attribute. There is also a link on the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies website so that students and academic advisors can browse for general education requirements, major and minor courses, and electives that address sustainability.

To date, over 100 courses from all across the university have obtained the SUST designation. Any undergraduate or graduate course at St. Thomas that examines interconnections between human and environmental well-being is eligible for this designation. Sustainability may be integrated through readings, assignments, units, and projects, or as the overarching theme of the course. We hope you will add yours to the mix!

During the application process, you will be asked to describe how your courses address the following:

  • Course introduces students to sustainability concepts (ecological, social, and/or economic dimensions);
  • Students apply knowledge and methods of the course to engage with sustainability issues;
  • Course learning goals are linked to or support one or more of the following competencies: thinking critically about environmental problems and solutions, solving problems by applying concepts and principles, communicating effectively about sustainability;
  • Grading gives weight to sustainability related reflection or integrated assignments.

If you would like to view the SUST designation form in advance, a pdf version is available here: SUSTdesignationform.

For additional information, please contact Dr. Elise Amel, Chair of the Department of Earth, Environment, and Society.