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Study Sustainability Abroad

Interested in studying abroad? Check out the exciting list of sustainability-focused programs UST offers!

Regularly offered UST off-campus J-Term programs:

  • Regional Geology and Geological Field Methods in Southwestern United States
  • Conservation Psychology in Germany


HECUA Environmental Sustainability Program:

The Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs (HECUA) provides students the opportunity to explore urban settings to study the underlying causes of social inequality, as well as successful community building and social change strategies in both the United States and in other countries. Students earn sixteen semester credits in the semester-long programs and four credits in January term programs.

The program, Environmental Sustainability: Science, Public Policy, and Community Action, is a semester internship and seminar program based in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, USA and includes field experiences along the Upper Mississippi River Basin. It is open to all majors.

Off-campus Environmental Studies Opportunity

Through HECUA, St. Thomas offers the fall semester program: Environmental Sustainability: Science, Public Policy, and Community Action. Participants learn about processes of ecosystem degradation and rehabilitation, the social and economic underpinnings of conflict over environmental change, and public policy and community-based strategies to achieve sustainability. Using an integrated approach to environmental issues, the program addresses the linkages between rural and urban concerns, as well as the way local decisions relate to regional and global trends. Eight credits of the 16 credit program are from a 200-hour (20 hours per week) internship and in-class field work where you will gain first-hand experience with community organizers, government planners and business leaders who are meeting the challenges of creating a more sustainable world.

Students at the University of St. Thomas can count credits from Environmental Sustainability: Science, Public Policy, and Community Action toward their major in Environmental Studies. The program fulfills the requirements for ENVR 212 – Social Dynamics and the Environment. In addition, students may use credits from the program toward a concentration in the social sciences or a self-designed concentration.

HECUA is a consortium of 17 colleges and universities, including St. Thomas, that work together to offer students interdisciplinary, experiential learning that generates knowledge and offers tools for social transformation and community building.

For more information about HECUA and its programs, check out their website at:

For UST's involvement with HECUA, click here to see the section in the undergraduate course catalog regarding academic programs at UST.

UST students interested in participating in any HECUA program can receive more information by calling Amy Muse at (651) 962-5643, or e-mailing her at

Semester programs commonly chosen by UST students:

  • HECUA Environmental Sustainability Program: Twin Cities 
  • School for Field Studies: Kenya, Costa Rica, Turks and Caicos Islands, Mexico, Australia



Other semester and yearlong programs can be found in Wales, Australia, Scotland, Egypt and Denmark.

Please contact us, or see the UST's Study Abroad web site for more information.