William & Joanne Reiling

This panel portrays William and Joanne Reiling standing near an Italian balustrade and a lemon tree. William Reiling is a 1954 St. Thomas alumnus who is chairman and CEO of Towle Real Estate Co. A member of the university's board of trustees since 1982, he received the 1987 Catholic Charities Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service.

Balma received much good advice from William and so chose to depict him as looking out at the viewers, as if he chose to share something with them. Balma wished to depict Joan in a regal, mythical world where the absorption of enjoying what is special about God's gifts is an attribute. The European goldfinch, which is also present in the Faith fresco, is a symbol of Jesus. In the background is a skyline view representing William Reiling's career at Towle Real Estate Co.