James & Janina Springer

This panel portrays Virginia businessman James Springer and his wife, Janina. The Springers are longtime friends of the university. James enrolled at St. Thomas in 1927 but left after two years to begin a career. The Springers, who are members of the President's Council at St. Thomas, also established a scholarship fund.

The panel's setting is a cemetery that that James Springer developed. The cat belongs to Janina. Although they are together, they seem to be gazing off in different directions. Their faces symbolize the vision of the entrepreneur. The cat is one of many homeless animals that Janina Springer takes in and cares for. James' presence brings the viewers gaze back to a reality point. Their visionary stance calls upon the viewer to further ponder the significance of vision in the Hope fresco above them. References to the Springers' business can be found in the background monuments and the bench on which they are seated.