Honeywell Inc.

This panel recognizes the work of Dr. James Renier, a 1951 St. Thomas alumnus who is retired CEO of Honeywell Inc. The panel portrays a child and his young mother, a play on the theme of Madonna and child. The mother reaches down to help her son take his first steps. Behind her is a halo-like orb, recognizable as a Honeywell thermostat, which has the world lightly etched in it. The earth demonstrates this company's desire to be a part of the global conscience.

New Vistas School, a Minneapolis public school program for pregnant and parenting students in grades 10-12, is located at Honeywell's corporate headquarters. It serves 60 students; on-site child care there serves some 55 children. Renier was instrumental to the founding of New Vistas.

Within the piece there are symbols of success, the leather case, suggesting the woman has returned to work. The child is reaching upward to walk, an initiative he has made himself, but having done so with the confidence that his mother will lend a hand. These themes also are repeated in the Fortitude and Charity frescoes, as they address the themes of inner strength and selfless love.