Guy & Barbara Schoenecker

This panel portrays Guy and Barbara Schoenecker. In a rather stoic pose, Guy is standing before a serene landscape of early morning. Barbara is in profile, as if she is watching the sunrise. Guy is looking at the viewer, as if he is inviting you to join them at the lakeshore. The harmony of the couple is reminiscent of the symbolic balance of the two Justice figures. Again the time of the day and the rich lavender tones of the sunrise are symbolic of the dawn of beginning, of new opportunities. These are symbolic images for Guy's company, Business Incentives. At their feet is a goose on a nest. Barbara is an animal lover and had a pet goose which had been injured. The real goose of her experience became the mythical "Goose that laid the Golden Egg," which, too, is a symbol of the entrepreneur who risks all in pursuit of a dream. Their posture suggests a further balance of collective success: one gazes toward the horizon, the other looks to what is at hand.

Guy, a 1949 St. Thomas alumnus, is president and chief quality officer of Business Incentives Inc. He has been a member of the university's board of trustees since 1978.