Bernard & Tamara Brennan

Brennan FrescoThis panel portrays Bernard and Tamara Brennan. Bernard Brennan is former chairman and CEO of Montgomery Ward & Co. A 1964 graduate, Bernard Brennan served St. Thomas' board of trustees from 1986 to 1996. He received the 1994 John Cade Award from the St. Thomas Center for Entrepreneurship. In this panel, Balma explores the symbolic and artistic balance achieved through male and female qualities in union. Balma painted Bernard in gestures of strength and confidence. He is moving forward, buttoning his suitcoat as if he is preparing to face the world. This is the self-reliance of the entrepreneur. Tamara seems to be in the background; however, her face is not passive. Her arm is resting on his shoulder, in support of her husband's efforts. She represents the grounding which Balma feels is necessary for all dreamers to have, lest their dreams carry them away. She relates to the Prudence fresco symbolic woman, who knows she needs to understand, rather than to challenge the dragon of wisdom to pass through the gates.

An outline of the Montgomery Ward's landmark building in St. Paul's Midway area appears in this panel's background.