Summer & J-term Financial Aid

Students who enroll in Summer and/or J-term sessions are encouraged to apply for financial aid to assist them in meeting their costs for those courses.


  • The J-term financial aid application is available in early November. Any additional funding is provided during the spring semester using a student's combined j-term and spring enrollment.

Summer Session:

  • The Summer aid application is available in mid-April.

Upon receipt of a Summer or J-term financial aid application, students who have filed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will automatically be considered for federal and state grant and loan eligibility. You must be a degree-seeking student at the University of St. Thomas to receive financial aid during Summer and/or J-term sessions.

There are no institutional grant or scholarship funds available during Summer and/or J-term sessions with the exception of full tuition scholarships. ROTC assistance will be determined by each military detachment based on the type of scholarship received.

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