Cutting Costs for College Students

Have big dreams on how you want to spend your money? Want to pay off your student loan debt, purchase a car or pay rent on an apartment? Save your money now to set yourself up for financial success later!

Ways to Cut Costs

  • Potluck dinners: Have dinner with friends! Everyone brings one dish to share with the group.
  • Instead of indulging in name brand coffee or tea each day, save it as a treat for one day out of the week.
  • Invest in your education by looking for scholarships daily. Check out our $cholartips website
  •  Ask family members if you can borrow money before considering applying for a loan. Then work with your family member to come up with a reasonable payment plan
  •  Look for a roommate to help cut the cost of living expenses.
  • Plan to use your meal plan each week before going out to a restaurant for a meal.
  • Only spend what you have. Live within your means. Credit cards can be helpful, but if you are racking up credit card debt that will create more cost for you in the long run.
  • Get a free local library card to rent books, movies and TV shows instead of purchasing the item itself or buying an online streaming account.
  • Use a campus computer lab instead of purchasing a new laptop.
  • Reduce your cellphone bill by cutting back on your data usage. Consider using your phone for calls and texts only. If you do use the Internet on your phone, log into the St. Thomas Wi-Fi when on campus.

Free or Discounted Things to do in the Twin Cities

  • Visit a Minnesota landmark: Check out the Guthrie Theater, St. Paul Cathedral or the state capitol.
  • Bring your student ID and get discounted student rush tickets to see a live show at the Orpheum, State, Pantages or New Century theaters
  • Visit the Como Zoo
  • Attend local festivals and parades.
  • Visit the Minneapolis Institute of Art.
  • Walk around the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden and Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.
  • Check out the Minnesota Historical Society for free and local events
  • The Bell Museum of Natural History is free on Sundays.
  • Many local movie theaters have $5 movies on Tuesdays.
  • Shop at consignment or thrift stores.
  • Take a stroll along historic Summit Avenue with a friend.