St. Thomas Payment Plans

The University of St. Thomas does not require student accounts to be paid in full prior to the start of classes each term. In fact, the first payments for each term are not due until well after classes have started.

All students have the option to make monthly installment payments in order to satisfy any charges on their account by the end of each term. A minimum payment is required by the 19th of each month, totaling four payments for each semester (fall and spring). If students choose to use this payment option, any remaining balance carried from one month to the next will incur a 1.1 percent finance charge that is added to the student’s outstanding balance.

Student accounts may be paid in full at the beginning of each semester (Sept. 19 for fall semester, Feb. 19 for spring semester) to avoid finance charges.

Note: If you have been approved for an end-of-term payment agreement by the St. Thomas Business Office, summer session charges are due Sept. 19th, fall semester is due Feb. 19th, J-term and spring semester are due July 19th.

Make your Own Payment Plan

Many students borrow a loan for school expenses and don’t begin repaying their loans until after graduation. However, there is no penalty for pre-paying a student loan or Federal Parent PLUS Loan, so it is easy to use financing as a way to create a payment plan you are comfortable with.

By using financing available for education, parents and students can access the additional funds needed to pay any charges due to the school at the beginning of each term to avoid finance charges. Then, the parent or student can begin repaying the same or differing amounts each month toward the balance of that loan to effectively pay for college costs over a longer period of time. There is still a cost to the borrower to use this type of financing. However, typically the costs of any accrued interest will be less expensive than the monthly finance charges incurred by using the St. Thomas payment plan.

Payment Options and Electronic Billing

For more information about the St. Thomas eBill system, statements, and payment options, please visit the St. Thomas Business Office website.

Monthly eBilling statements are sent to students via their St. Thomas email and can be accessed through Murphy Online.