Cost Estimator

Tuition, fees, room and board costs are set each spring for the following academic year. A student's expenses will vary depending on their course load, where the student lives, the amount spent on books, supplies, personal expenses and transportation.

For a complete listing of tuition, fees, room and board rates, visit the Business Office web site

Tuition, Fees, Room & Board
  Per Semester Semester Cost Two Semester Cost
Credits :
Business courses:    
Computer science courses:    
Music lessons, 30 min.:    
Music lessons, 50 min.:    
Technology Fee:      
Student Activity Fee:      
Facility Fee:      
Science labs:    
Psychology labs:    
Music labs:    
Room & Board      
Housing Plan    
Meal plan :
Total tuition, fees, room & board:    
UST Expenses
  Per School Year Semester Cost Two Semester Cost
Books and supplies: $    
Health insurance :
Other UST expenses: $    
Total UST expenses:      
Financial Resources
  Per School Year Semester Cost Two Semester Cost
School year income: $    
Student loans: $    
Scholarships/grants: $    
Savings: $    
Parental assistance: $    
Other resources: $    
Total financial resources: