Cost of Attendance Budget Appeal Process

To request a Cost of Attendance budget increase, please submit your official request to the Graduate Financial Aid Office. Please include supporting documentation, such as receipts and bills, at the time of submission. If approved, the budget increase would allow you to apply for additional funds. In most cases, the Cost of Attendance budget increase will be for the full academic period for which the current or next current Cost of Attendance budget is calculated; therefore, disbursement of any additional loan funds will be based on the regular disbursement schedule of the academic period for which the budget is determined.

Students may submit budget appeals for the following reasons:

Computer purchase: The University of St. Thomas will permit (only once during your graduate school career) you to request an increase in your cost of attendance budget (maximum of $2,000) for out of pocket expenses incurred by you (the student) for the purchase of a computer. The Adjustment for Computer Purchase form must be completed and appropriate documentation attached. For this purchase to be considered educationally related the computer must be purchased no sooner than 30 days prior to the first official day of your first semester and no later than the beginning date of the first official day of your last semester. The documentation (a copy of the original proof of purchase) must include proof that you (the student) originally purchased the computer, the date of purchase, and the itemized details of purchase.  The appeal to increase your Cost of Attendance budget should be submitted during the term in which you purchased this computer to be considered a current educational expense.

Out of pocket day care costs: Documentation of out of pocket expenses incurred by you (the student) for your dependent child(ren) while you attend school for the academic period is required from a certified day care provider. Documentation must be on letterhead from a certified day care provider indicating the weekly rate you (the student) pay/will pay and must list the names of the child(ren) receiving the care. Contact information of the day care provider must also be present. Allowable expenses must be incurred during periods of enrollment. You will be required to provide updated documentation for each new enrollment period (i.e. summer or any subsequent academic years).

Out of pocket medical/dental expenses: Documentation of actual medical/dental expenses for you (the student) not covered by insurance and paid out of pocket is required. Allowable expenses must be incurred during periods of enrollment.

Please note that the budget appeals may be reduced or even denied based on the professional judgment of the appeals committee.