2013-14 Cost of Attendance Budget Components

The breakdown of the total 2013-14 Cost of Attendance budget for the University of St. Thomas academic year (9 months) is:

Tuition See chart with actual tuition rates of your program
Technology Fee $95.50-191.00
Student Activity Fee (Social Work only) $50.00
Student Activity Fee (Law only) $130.00
Student Association Fee (Full-time MBA only) $400.00
School of Divinity Fee $58.00
Living Expense Allowance $13,000.00
Books and Supplies Allowance $350.00-1,600.00*
Transportation Allowance $1,315.00
Miscellaneous Expenses (i.e. Health Insurance) $2,890.00-3,700.00

* Book and supplies allowances vary depending on whether you are a full-time or part-time student and your program. These allowances are for students attending the standard programs. Allowances vary for students attending cohort programs.

(Note: financial aid may only be awarded for costs incurred while the student is enrolled. The additional cost during periods of non-enrollment must be paid for with personal resources.)