Why Minor in Film Studies?

Do you enjoy watching movies and talking about them?  Do you like to make films by yourself or with friends? Do you think you might want to work in films – nationally or locally – when you graduate?

The Film Studies minor is a 20-credit (five courses) interdisciplinary program that provides students with a foundation in understanding cinema that is enriched by offerings in film by departments across the College of Arts and Sciences. In this minor, students will study film history, theory and criticism, and will engage in digital film production. Students will learn about the historical development of film, view and analyze films from the major film traditions, movements, genres, studios and directors, and understand developments in world cinema, including expression, imagery and representations of nationhood, ethnicity, race, sex, gender, sexuality, social class, cultural values, religious values, and political movements.  Students will also be provided the opportunity to engage in digital film-making, screen writing, or other production components. By completing this minor, students will be better able to understand the cultural and political power of cinema and have a starting point for a potential career in the film industry.