The Accessible Syllabus

July 27, 2017 / By: Center for Faculty Development
Image shows different elements of an accessible document such as headings, tables, and hyperlinks. A text version describing the image and how to format a document for accessibility can be downloaded here:\fdc\Accessibility\AccessibleSyllabus\AccessibleVersionSyllabus.docx
Don't wait to make your course materials accessible!

People often ask why they should bother to make their document accessible, especially when there may be no students in their course who are blind or have low vision. Not only is it the law that all information technology and electronic documents be accessible to people with disabilities, but making electronic documents and course materials accessible is easy and requires almost no work on your part.

This tutorial gives you quick tips on how to easily adapt your existing materials to an accessible format. We've also included a template you can use to help you create an accessible syllabus by using a few simple formatting tricks in Word.

Why wait? Doing whatever we can to include all students in our classrooms, whether face-to-face or online, is part of our mission to advance the common good.

Try the accessible syllabus template & tutorial!