Build Inclusive Excellence

December 16, 2015

Banner with the UST logo and the phrase "Advance the common good".In their December 11, 2015 email to faculty and staff, Drs. Sullivan and Plumb encouraged the St. Thomas community to " our multicultural student groups by participating in cultural heritage events on campus, visit the Faculty Development website for resources on how to promote inclusion in the classroom, critically examine your worldview by taking one of the Harvard Implicit Association tests, and create a learning community where a robust exchange of ideas occurs on the complexity of 21st century social justice challenges."

In Faculty Development we are devoting all of Spring 2016 semester to providing avenues for faculty to examine implicit bias, recognize and deal with microaggressions, and build skills for guiding difficult classroom. We invite you to explore our resources for building an inclusive classroom and to consider registering for the J-term workshop on "Course Design for the Common Good."

Keep an eye out for details on spring semester workshops on "Talking about Hot Topics," on microaggressions, and strategies for managing controversial issues in the classroom.