Research Data Services @ the Libraries

August 30, 2017 / By: John Heintz, E-learning & Data Services Librarian

Want to find available statistics or data sets for your research or for your class to use in assignments?
Wondering what the heck that Data Management Plan requirement in your federal grant application is all about?
Need some help strategizing how to keep your research data effectively organized and documented for your own sanity and for re-use in the future?
Want to figure out the best disciplinary or local repository to deposit your data?
We are building research data services in the Libraries with these issues and others in mind.

I am John Heintz, E-learning & Data Services Librarian. I've served the Economics and Business departments at the University for a number of years, and data issues in the Social Sciences are the ones I'm most familiar with. But, I've also done work supporting the digital humanities, have developed knowledge of research data management issues across disciplines, and have access to an outstanding local and international network of research data management experts we can tap into as needed.

Research Data Services we can provide include: 

  • Data discovery: consult to find statistics and data sets from our library research databases and other data archives for your personal research or for classroom use
  • Research instruction: classroom sessions, individual consultations, and web documentation to instruct students on finding and using data
  • Research Data Management:
    • learn best practices to help organize to manage your data throughout its life cycle
    • develop codebooks and metadata to make your data discoverable and comprehensible
    • access templates and instructions to meet federal grantors and other funders' data management plan (DMP) and open access (OA) requirements (think NSF, NIH, NEH, and other funders) 
    • help selecting appropriate repositories to deposit and archive your data


Our partners in the STELAR Center can also help with related services such as database hosting for big data research projects, statistical analysis services, and others.

Please contact me if you'd like to discuss possibilities in more depth or have a specific request.

John Heintz, E-learning & Data Services Librarian
+1 651-962-4646