FLC Spotlight: Racial Justice Pedagogy

November 8, 2017 / By: Colin Martin (Biology) and Salina Renninger (Graduate School of Professional Psychology)

"Joining an FLC has radically altered my teaching, scholarship, and service.  Through the candid and lively conversations in the Racial Justice Pedagogy FLC, I got concrete exercises to bring into my classroom, as well as fodder for thinking through larger issues of power and authority; I got ideas for my scholarship on Brave Space; and finally, through the solidarity I experienced with my colleagues, I became far more involved in anti-racist efforts on campus. Because of the kind of solidarity and collegiality that is at the center of FLC's, I have been able to better find my place at UST. "  --Lucia Pawlowski

The Faculty Learning Community (FLC), Racial Justice Pedagogy, is a continuation of two prior years' work. Facilitated by Consuelo Cavalieri, Stephen Brookfield, and Rama Hart, in its first year the FLC focused on introducing race, racism, and racial intersections in predominantly White classrooms. The open conversations that occurred that year centered on reaction to current events in the classroom, community, and world. Participants also discussed selected readings.  In the second year the FLC focused on racial justice pedagogy and intersectionality. That year was facilitated by Colin Martin, Bryana French, and Lucia Pawlowski.  

This year's FLC is an effort to build on the work done last year.  We will attempt to meet every 3-4 weeks for large group discussion.  From this large group, sub-groups of 2-3 individuals will connect to work on personally identified teaching goals.  The sub-groups are meant to provide individual faculty members with ongoing support and motivation in making changes in teaching content, structure, or style related to racial justice.  The large group meetings will be an opportunity for sub-groups to report on their efforts and progress and also for continued conversation about topics related to racial justice.  A significant strength of the FLC is the multi-disciplinary focus of the faculty involved in it.  Through collaboration across our respective fields of study, great gain can be made in considering racial justice pedagogy.