Faculty benefits of joining NCFDD

March 18, 2016

This fall we announced that St. Thomas established an institutional membership to the National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity (NCFDD) as part of our strategic initiatives related to diversity. The NCFDD provides intensive and structured support to enhance your scholarly productivity and promote your success as a university professor. You will be able to interact with external mentors and collaborators as you learn about and adopt proven strategies for managing your time effectively and increasing your scholarly output. 

I recently had the opportunity to talk with Dr. Donny Vigil, Assistant Professor of Spanish, about becoming a member of NCFDD and his experience with two of the NCFDD programs, the Faculty Success Program and the 14-Day Writing Challenge

Ann: How have you benefitted from membership?

Donny: I have benefited from membership in two ways. The first is by receiving and reading their newsletter, which has some excellent content. The second, is by participating in the 14 day writing challenge in November of 2015.

Ann: You mentioned the writing challenge; what did it do for you?

Donny: The writing challenge helped me increase my scholarly productivity. By using the online platform NCFDD provides, I logged my time working on research, and I encouraged, and received encouragement from, other participants. I made significant progress on revisions of a manuscript and will submit it soon.

Ann: What motivated you to pursue the Faculty Success Program (aka “bootcamp”)?

Donny: I had such a great and motivating experience with the 14 day writing challenge that I decided to look into attending the Faculty Success Program.

Ann: I know you recently received a scholarship from NCFDD to offset the cost of attending the Faculty Success Program. How did that come about?

Donny: My scholarship came about because I did not have the funds necessary to cover the fee for the program so I followed NCFDD’s “Making the Ask Program,” which provides a framework for requesting funding from your chair, dean and other organizations. I did receive some support to participate in the program, but it was not enough to cover the entire cost. Fortunately, NCFDD has scholarships to cover the balance, and so I applied for the Richard Iton Memorial Scholarship and received a full scholarship. Now, I am looking forward to participating in the summer 2016 program.

Ann: Do you recommend NCFDD for other faculty?

Donny: Yes, I highly recommend NCFDD for other faculty. My experience as a member of NCFDD has been positive.