2017 Summer Seminar Call for Proposals

March 27, 2017

The Faculty Development Summer Seminar is a multi-day seminar designed, organized and led by St. Thomas faculty to support summer professional development in the areas of pedagogy, engagement of the profession, or service. The Summer Seminar is an opportunity for faculty to take a deeper dive into a topic that isn't typically offered during the academic year, and a way for faculty members to take on the role of faculty developer and design a significant learning opportunity for colleagues. 

Interested? Details for submitting a proposal are below. Have an idea for the summer seminar and want to talk it over? Email facdevctr@stthomas.edu.

  • The proposed seminar topic should be general enough to appeal to faculty from all areas from across the university. Interdisciplinary seminar proposals from faculty teams are encouraged.

  • The seminar leader(s) will receive a stipend for developing, organizing, and facilitating the seminar; funds are available for seminar materials.

  • Individual faculty or teams of faculty may submit a proposal. For team proposals, it is expected that all members of the team will actively participate in developing and attending the seminar. 

  • If the proposal includes an outside presenter the faculty (or the faculty team) making the proposal is responsible for researching and identifying the outside presenter and making arrangements (with Faculty Development's assistance). 

  • Proposals must include a concrete outcome for the seminar participants; for example a revised syllabus, a new class assignment, a reflective/integrative writing assignment that could be shared with other participants. 

  • If possible, proposed seminar dates should avoid overlapping with the June 5-9 Writers' Retreat and the Writing Across the Curriculum seminars. 

  • Faculty Development will assist the seminar leader(s) with arrangements such as: room scheduling, catering, seminar registrations, ordering materials, etc.


Email your proposal to Faculty Development by April 18, 2017. Please include the following information in your proposal:

Title of proposed seminar

Topic and description

Proposed date of seminar: (please include two date options if possible)

Seminar objectives/outcomes

Name, department, and email of seminar leader(s)

Materials needed for the seminar and the estimated cost of materials (maximum of $30 per participant).

Some of the past summer seminar topics include:

Mindfulness Meditation in Teaching & Advising (2016)

Fostering the Digital Humanities (2015)

Building an Inclusive Classroom (2014)

Connecting Food and Our Curriculum (2011)

Teaching and Reaching Millennials (2010)

Academic Freedom and the Catholic University (2006)

Advancing your Scholarly Agenda (2005)