USG and DEC Grant Awards Announced

November 2, 2015 / By: Center for Faculty Development

The following Faculty Development grants were awarded during the 2015-16 academic year.

University Scholars Grant Recipients

The University Scholars Grant is awarded to tenured faculty with a distinguished record of ongoing scholarly achievement, attained while at St. Thomas while doing full time teaching or its equivalent. The award provides the recipient with significant time for scholarly work over a two or three year period. 

Dr. Heather Bouwman, Associate Professor of English. "Morphosis: A Novel." An established children's novelist, Heather is the recipient of a two-book contract with Putnam/Penguin Random House. Her three-year award will allow her to write one of the novels, tentatively titled Morphosis. Combining history and fantasy, the work will focus on children of color transformed by trauma.  As Heather stated in her USG application, "my goal is to write a complex and interesting novel about a complex and interesting topic--for complex and interesting kids."

Dr. Tom Ippoliti, Professor of Chemistry. "Synthesis of New Antibiotics."
During the three year award period Tom will build on his prior research in developing a substance that has shown high antibacterial activity against tuberculosis and Vancomycin resistant bacteria. He will synthesize the series of compounds he designed and then work with colleagues at the Taskforce to study Resistance Emergence and Antimicrobial Development Technology (TREAT) in the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine to test their antibacterial efficiency. The result could potentially lead to a new pharmaceutical drug.

Distinguished Early Career Grant Recipients

The Distinguished Early Career Grant recognizes and supports early career faculty who have a distinguished record of ongoing scholarship. This award provides time to faculty for advancing their scholarly agenda at a generative moment in their careers.

Dr. Dalma Martinovic-Weigelt, Associate Professor of Biology. "Integrating High Throughput Toxicology Approaches and Adverse Outcome Pathway Development--Novel Approach to Risk Assessment for Complex Environmental Mixtures."  Dalma will make use of existing high throughput toxicology (HTT) data to estimate the potential of complex, environmentally relevant chemical mixtures to elicit adverse biological effects. Her work will contribute to identifying hazardous chemicals present in urban water bodies.  In coordination with the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, she will also develop workshops and curricula for regulatory and research toxicologists on the integration of these approaches in risk assessment.

Dr. Timothy Pawl, Associate Professor of Philosophy. "In Defense of Extended Conciliar Christology: A Philosophical Essay."  Tim has a book on the philosophical objections to the Christian teaching of the incarnation forthcoming in the Analytic Theology Series at Oxford University Press. That book examines arguments against the theological claims about the person of Christ made at the Ecumenical Councils. At the end of that book he noted five common claims made in Christian tradition about Christ that, while not found in the Ecumenical Councils, are nevertheless widely accepted. The Oxford University series editors encouraged Tim in the writing of the companion monograph that examines these claims, and Tim will write this book during the award period.