Office of Sponsored Programs

November 8, 2017 / By: Dr. Michael J. Warnock (Director, Office of Sponsored Programs)

Are you working on a proposal to a potential sponsor for your project and don't know what forms to complete or what all the technical terms are on the forms?  We are here to help.  The University of St. Thomas Office of Sponsored Programs is here to assist you with obtaining external funding for your research and scholarly endeavors.  We can provide guidance putting together proposal packages including the paperwork for the potential external sponsor, completing the internal paperwork, providing institutional endorsement of the proposal and negotiating and executing the agreement if an award is offered.  The office can assist with proposals to any sponsor, and will do any necessary coordination and communication with the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations for proposals being sent to non-governmental sponsors.  Among the things that many sponsors require in a proposal is basic information about the University of St. Thomas.  Our web site has the most commonly required data requests.

The scope of sponsored programs is not limited to research.  Sponsored programs also includes service projects, instruction projects and any other activity with a defined project that is conducted by faculty or academic staff and funded by an external party.  By University policy, proposals for such projects should by reviewed by appropriate University officials and receive institutional endorsement before being sent to a potential sponsor.  The Office of Sponsored Programs provides oversight for that process and supports faculty in navigating that process.  The internal process for review and approval of your proposal may be found on our web site.

The University of St. Thomas is working toward streamlining processes and procedures.  Any comments or suggestions regarding the Office of Sponsored Programs processes should come to Dr. Michael J. Warnock, Director, Office of Sponsored Programs (651 962-6038;  For more information about the office, see our web site.  If you would like to visit about a proposal you are considering, contact Dr. Warnock and he would be happy to visit with you.  We are in Aquinas 328 if you would like to stop by.