2013-2014 Sabbatical Leave Awards

March 27, 2013
Sabbatical Leave Awards 2013-14
Name Department/College Award  Sabbatical Title
Lisa Abendroth Marketing/OCB Half, Fall 2013  Sustainable Business in the Emerging Markets of Argentina
Elise Amel Psychology/CAS Full Year  Psychology of Sustainability: Research and Dissemination
Regina Anctil Accounting/OCB Half, Spr 2014  Heterogeneous expectations and higher order beliefs in multi-period experimental markets
Tatyana Avdeyeva Grad Psych/CELC Full Year   Recent developments in personality assessment: updating expertise and revising the assessment course
Kathleen Boyle Leadership, Policy, Administration/CELC Half, Fall 2013  Developing a Professional Identity in Student Affairs
Carol Bruess COJO/CAS Full Year   Digital Age Family Connections: Couple Texting Rituals
Kanishka Chowdhury English/CAS Full Year   Culture and Crisis: Narrating the Post 9/11 World
John Conbere Organization Learning & Development/CELC Half, Fall 2013  Socio-Economic Approach to Management
Vanessa Cornett-Murtada Music/CAS Full Year   All the World’s a Stage: Performance Anxiety Management for Musicians
Gregory Coulter Philosophy/CAS Half, Spr 2014   Completing book-length project on Essays in Philosophy for the Reasonably Intelligent Reader
Alexander Gelardi Accounting/OCB Half, Spr 2014   Progressivity of the First British Tax System
Rama Hart Organization Learning & Development/CELC Half, Spr 2014   Indian Women in American Offshore Call Centers: An Ethnographic Investigation of the Bi-Cultural Work Experience 
Angela High-Pippert Political Science/CAS Half, Spr 2014   ‘Girltopia’: Girl Scouts and the Mainstreaming of Feminism 
Thadavillil Jithendranathan Finance/OCB Half, Spr 2014   Portfolio Optimization Models Using Copula Based Dependency Structures and Fuzzy Probabilities 
Anne Klejment History/CAS Full Year   Development of Dorothy Day’s Radicalism and Spirituality
Brenda Kroschel Mathematics/CAS  Half, Spr 2014   Zero Forcing Number and Minimum Rank 
Richard Kunkel Ethics and Business Law/OCB  Full Year   20/20 Copyright Law Reform by 2020 
Stephen Laumakis Philosophy/CAS Half, Spr 2014   “Happiness”: East & West 
Juan Li  English/CAS Half, Spr 2014   Towards an Interdiscursive Vision of Nation and Globalization: A Case in China 
Raymond MacKenzie English/CAS Half, Spr 2014   A New Translation of Montesquieu’s Lettres Persanes 
Debashish Mallick Operations & Supply Chain Management/OCB Full Year   New Product Development: A learning theory perspective 
Donald Miller Modern and Classical Languages/CAS Half, Spr 2014   Golden Age Women: Gendered- Identities and Masculine Re-creations of Female Self-Fashionings 
William Ojala Chemistry/CAS  Half, Fall 2013   The Solid-State Chemistry of the Nitrile Oxides and their Dimerization 
David Penchansky Theology/CAS Full Year   Some Suras: A Biblical Critic Looks at the Qur’an 
Karen Rogers Special Ed & Gifted Children/CELC Full Year   Gifted Education and Twice Exceptional Education Research Projects and Book Development Tasks 
Michael Rota Philosophy/CAS Half, Fall 2013   Book project: Arguments for the Existence of God 
Gerald Schlabach Theology/CAS Full Year   Toward a Catholic Peace Church (Phase 2 of Overall Project) 
Laroye Stansberry-Brusnahan Special Ed & Gifted Children/CELC Full Year   Expanding the SPED Autism Programming to include a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) certification option 
Magdalena Stolarska Mathematics/CAS Half, Spr 2014   Mathematical Modeling of Mechanical and Biochemical Interaction in Cell Movement 
Hong Wu Economics/CAS Half, Fall 2013  A Structural Break Analysis of the Renminbi Appreciation 
Victoria Young Art History/CAS Full Year   Reassessing Frank Gehry’s Domestic Architecture: The Gehry House, The Winton Guest House and the Make it Right House