From the Director: December 2017

December 6, 2017 / By: Dr. Kris Wammer (Director, Center for Faculty Development / Associate Professor of Chemistry)

Kris WammerWe are coming into the final stretch of the semester and, as is typical for me at this time of year, I am feeling stressed out. Conversations I've had recently lead me to believe that a good number of you feel the same. We are harried, we are tired, and we still have much work to do before those final grades are submitted and all of our other tasks are completed. So this month, I offer no pleas for your time and attention, no analysis of current studies that I'd like your thoughts on, no cajoling to try just one more new thing. I simply encourage you to prioritize self-care so that you survive the next few weeks and emerge eager to enjoy some time of rest and rejuvenation over the holidays rather than barely crawling across the finish line. Sleep. Breathe. Spend just a few moments each day, no matter how full and crazy that day may be, doing something that truly brings you joy and refreshes your spirit. And when you see me, remind me to take my own advice and do the same.

Because our next newsletter will not find its way to you until February, I do want to highlight a few items to watch for over J-term and early in the spring semester:

  • We will be offering several workshops during J-term as part of the Inclusive Classroom Institute: Transparency and Equity (January 17), Safe Space/Brave Space (January 22) and Preparing for Day One (January 23). All faculty are always welcome to participate in any workshop whether or not you are planning to pursue Inclusive Classroom certification.
  • We will have several new workshop offerings in the spring that I am very excited about, including two in February. On February 13th, Norman Ferguson will be offering a "Green Zone" training workshop to help faculty learn strategies for working with our students who are veterans. And on February 23rd, we will be bringing Tara Harvey of True North Intercultural to campus to offer a workshop on intercultural competence. Stay tuned for more details.
  • As you know by now if you've read my columns or spoken to me about faculty resources, I love to encourage people to take advantage of support available due to our institutional membership in the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity (NCFDD). Within the next few months, the Center for Faculty Development and the Office of Faculty Advancement will be seeking applications for the opportunity to receive funding to participate in next summer's NCFDD Faculty Success Program, a.k.a. Faculty Bootcamp. We'll be looking for someone who has taken advantage of NCFDD resources and would like to commit to diving deeper into the program. So, if you haven't yet activated your membership and started to explore what is available, now would be a great time to take that step.

Thanks for reading,

Kris Wammer