The Office of Faculty Advancement

August 30, 2017 / By: Dr. Ann Johnson, Associate Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement

So . . . what is it you do now?

Since taking on this new role, I’ve been getting a few quizzical looks and questions – which is understandable since it’s a new position and new concept at St. Thomas. The Office of Faculty Advancement was created last year as part of a general reorganizing of Academic Affairs, and with the recognition that faculty could benefit from enlarging some programs and launching some new ones.

This new office extends previous work in Faculty Development. The Faculty Development Center will continue to provide the solid support to faculty it always has, under the leadership now of the fabulous Kris Wammer. Kris and I will collaborate on a number of initiatives, like New Faculty Orientation. I’ll be leading efforts in this area and extending the program to provide opportunities for adjunct faculty. We just spent a week welcoming close to 30 new full time faculty, and they are awesome. We also welcomed close to 70 new adjunct faculty for on-campus orientation sessions this past week – by far our largest turnout so far. (see photos!)

In addition, I’m launching a new Faculty Leadership Program (for those interested in exploring leadership roles, with “leadership” defined broadly), and expanding efforts we’ve made in the past to provide department chairs with training and development opportunity.

Another role I’m playing: collaborating closely with Kris, Mike Warnock (our new Director of Sponsored Programs) and colleagues in the Corporate and Foundation Relations department to improve faculty access to grant-seeking support.

Finally, my passion for addressing equity issues lives on; I’ll continue to promote the NCFDD (National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity – join now if you haven’t already), and work with the Women Faculty Leadership Council (for tenured women faculty interested in equity and promotion issues), and initiate programs as needed to address diversity concerns affecting faculty. Please contact me if you have ideas here.

Someone asked me, “How do we know who to contact for help now?” Here’s a quick summary:

Contact me for:

  • New Faculty Orientation (full time or adjunct faculty)
  • Faculty Leadership Program
  • Department Chair Development
  • IDEA (before Nov. 1)

Contact Kris Wammer for:

  • Inclusive Classroom Institute
  • The Mentoring for Success program
  • All other Faculty Development services/programs
  • IDEA (after Nov. 1)

Interested in finding faculty grant opportunities?

Questions? Concerns? I’d love to meet and have coffee with you, so feel free to email me at and follow me on twitter @annjohnsonUST. 

New Faculty Orientation - August 2017