Responding to Bias, Racism, and Hate Speech Situations

September 30, 2016 / By: Dr. Ann Johnson, Director of the Center for Faculty Development, Professor of Psychology

Given the heightened rhetoric coming out of our national political process these days, it’s not surprising that many universities are reporting that some students are engaging in hateful racist acts and speech. At the University of Michigan, the posting of white supremacist flyers prompted this helpful blog post from their Center for Research on Learning and Teaching, with ideas and guidelines for dealing with difficult situations, should they arise.

Faculty of color can be especially impacted in negative ways when these incidents occur and report feeling exhausted by them; Kerri Ann Rockquemore offers advice on radical self-care in her column on Inside Higher Education.

We hope we won't need to call on them, but remember that these St. Thomas offices offer resources and support for faculty and students responding to hate speech and similar incidents: