Beyond Books

February 15, 2019 / By: Ann Gwinn Zawistoski, Associate Director for Research & Outreach

Library workshop and spaces to support Universal Design for Learning

This spring, the University Libraries are continuing to look at ways to support Universal Design for Learning (UDL) concepts at St. Thomas.  Our new Student Video Production Studio just opened as a space for students to easily create and produce video content for assignments.  The studio is a collaboration with STELAR and was designed to be usable even for those with very little to no video production experience.  I decided to put that idea to the test by making my own video about the space and our upcoming library workshop on UDL. 

I can confidently say that the space and technologies are easy to use.  The following video took me an hour to create in Panopto (most of that time was doing re-takes because I kept flubbing my lines).  It took me another 20 minutes to add the captions.

Video transcript: 

Hi, I’m Ann Zawistoski, from the University Libraries. I’m talking to you from the O’Shaughnessy-Frey library in our brand-new video recording studio.  We worked with STELAR to design this room for students to use when they need to record videos in a professional, distraction-free way.  We also worked hard to make this room easy to use and self-serve.  Students can reserve the room easily from our website.  They can use it any time the library is open and they don’t need a lot of prior video recording experience.  I can vouch especially for that fact, since this is my first time using this room or recording a video like this (although I will admit that there have been a few outtakes). 

I also want to invite you to join us for our upcoming workshop called “Beyond books: ways of engaging your students.”  The workshop is based on the Universal Design for Learning framework and will look at how students can use this studio to create videos for assignments.  You’ll have time to explore our media collections and learn how to use transcripts and create clips.  We’ll talk about our Resource Lists service that makes readings available to students through Canvas and can even save them money. We’ll also talk about ways to integrate library materials and help into your course.  

That workshop is March 14, watch for an announcement from the Center for Faculty Development with more details and how to sign up.  We hope to see you there.