Women Faculty Leadership Council

Mission of the Council

The UST Women Faculty Leadership Council promotes leadership among women faculty at St. Thomas. The Council works to facilitate professional development and mentorship opportunities for women faculty members motivated to pursue academic promotion and administrative leadership roles in higher education.

Meetings and activities are sponsored jointly by the Center for Faculty Development, the Luann Dummer Center for Women, and the Office of Academic Affairs at St. Thomas. Questions about the UST Women Faculty Leadership Council should be addressed to Lucy Payne at llpayne@stthomas.edu.

For more information about membership, upcoming events, and contact information, please visit the Luann Dummer Center for Women website.

Frequently Asked Questions about the WFLC

What is the motivation for the WFLC?  Studies of promotion rates among faculty show that women typically take longer than men to reach the rank of professor; compared to male colleagues, they spend more time on teaching and service and less on research and writing.  In addition, while women have made significant inroads into higher education administrative/leadership roles, they are still greatly outnumbered by men, particularly at UST.  The WFLC is a vehicle for identifying obstacles for women who are motivated to take on leadership roles, and for planning programs that would support women faculty pursuing promotion and leadership. We are also committed to recognizing UST women leaders, past and present.

Who is eligible to be involved in the WFLC steering committee?  While we support leadership across all women faculty groups, we believe that focusing on leadership development is most relevant, for pragmatic reasons, for those women faculty who have already achieved tenure and promotion to associate professor.  Therefore we would like to engage women who are at the associate and professor levels to serve on the steering committee.  We are seeking those who are interested in expanding their own professional development to include leadership roles (defined broadly) and those motivated to support and open doors for younger women faculty pursuing promotion and leadership.

What kinds of activities is the WFLC planning?

  • Preserving UST Women's history — Oral history project (developing plans for oral history interviews with women who have played important roles in the life of the university)
  • Clarifying institutional data on promotion rates for women and planning programs supporting women seeking promotion to the full professor level
  • Providing mentoring opportunities for women faculty
  • Identifying leadership training opportunities, local and national, for women faculty
  • Providing institution-wide events for women faculty to meet, discuss leadership issues, and develop effective strategies for increasing women leaders at UST

Who sponsors the WFLC?  The WFLC is jointly sponsored by the Center for Faculty Development, the Luann Dummer Center for Women, and the Office of Academic Affairs.

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