Faculty Programs

Faculty Development offers a variety of programs and seminars for adjunct and full-time faculty on teaching, engaging the profession, and scholarship. We also co-sponsor faculty programs and events through our partnerships other St. Thomas units. 

New Faculty Orientation

Along with the Office of Academic Affairs, we sponsor the full-time faculty orientation program, which is held each August for incoming faculty. The Center coordinates the annual Engaging the Profession and Celebration of Teaching receptions with the Office of Academic Affairs. 

We also work with other offices at St. Thomas and the Adjunct Faculty Council to offer an adjunct faculty orientation for new adjuct faculty. Adjunct faculty can find a range of resources on our web site including the Adjunct Faculty Resource Guide developed by the Adjunct Faculty Council.

Faculty Learning Communities

A Faculty Learning Community, or FLC, is a year-long cross-disciplinary group with 8-14 members and is organized around a particular topic related to faculty life. FLCs are open to all faculty. A call to join a FLC is announced in the fall.

Inclusive Classroom Institute

At St. Thomas, our mission, convictions, and strategic directions all support the goal of creating inclusive classrooms. To do so, we need to consider course content, pedagogical approaches, our own biases and classroom behaviors, and our knowledge of students’ backgrounds and skills. This workshop series offers opportunities to build awareness, gain understanding, and implement new pedagogical strategies to improve the learning climate for all students.

Mentoring for Success Program

The Faculty Development Mentoring for Success Program (MSP) is inspired by the principles of Catholic social teaching to foster a high quality mentoring culture at UST. We strive to promote faculty well-being and success through a mentoring process that is illuminating and supportive. The Mentoring for Success Program reflects three University of St. Thomas convictions: dignity, diversity and personal attention.

National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity

The National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity (NCFDD) provides intensive and structured support to all St. Thomas faculty to enhance scholarly productivity and promote success as a university professor. Faculty who activate their free NCFDD membership will be able to interact with external mentors and collaborators, and learn about and adopt proven strategies for managing time effectively and increasing scholarly output.

Women Faculty Leadership Council

The UST Women Faculty Leadership Council promotes leadership among women faculty at St. Thomas. The Council works to facilitate professional development and mentorship opportunities for women faculty members motivated to pursue academic promotion and administrative leadership roles in higher education.