Internal Grants and Sabbatical Leave

Through a generous endowment provided by a capital campaign “Priorities for the 80s,” funds have been made available annually to support a number of internal grant programs specifically for faculty professional development. Proposals are reviewed for funding by the Faculty Development Committee with oversight from the Center for Faculty Development director.

St. Thomas Faculty: Additional information about grants, including deadlines, application forms, instructions, etc. for all of the Faculty Development internal grants are available on the Grants page on the OneStThomas Faculty Development site.

Adjunct Professional Development Grant

This grant supports adjunct faculty who wish to participate in a conference or workshop, or receive funding to improve their teaching.

Distinguished Early Career Grant

This grant recognizes and supports early career faculty who have a distinguished record of ongoing scholarship. The award provides significant time to faculty for advancing their scholarly agenda at a generative moment in their careers.

Distinguished Visitor Grant

This award is designed to enhance the intellectual atmosphere of the University of St. Thomas through presentations, colloquia, or dialogues with distinguished scholars, teachers, practitioners, and others

Faculty Partnership Grant

Faculty Partnerships are intended to help faculty increase their knowledge of areas outside their own disciplines or outside their specialty within a discipline. Faculty partner with other faculty as tutor and tutored.

Faculty-Led Interdisciplinary Group Grant

This grant supports interdisciplinary faculty groups who wish to study a particular topic, learn a new skill, or pursue a project of mutual benefit to the teaching or scholarly life of the participants.

Graduate Research Team Grant

The Graduate Research Team Grant supports teams of faculty and graduate student(s) who work together on a significant research project or creative activity over an 8-12 week period during the summer.

Partnership-in-Learning Grant

The Partnership-in-Learning Grant awards stipends to experienced, well-qualified students for work with faculty on either teaching or research projects.

Research Grant

Research Grants support the scholarly work of faculty as they advance their professional careers. Funds can be used for course release(s) or for expenses related to the research project.

Sabbatical Leave and Sabbatical Assistance Grant

The Sabbatical Leave program is designed to support activities which will enhance a faculty member’s professional development and which will, as a result, benefit the University. Faculty who choose to apply for a full year sabbatical may also apply for a Sabbatical Assistance Grant.

Teaching Enhancement Grant

Teaching Enhancement Grants provide faculty with a stipend in order to improve their teaching by introducing new methods, ideas, or strategies into their existing courses.

University Scholars Grant

The University Scholars Grant recognizes and supports established St. Thomas faculty members who have a distinguished record of ongoing scholarly achievement attained at St. Thomas. The award provides significant time to faculty for advancing their scholarly agendas over a significant period.