Preparing for Day One

This is the required workshop for Inclusive Classroom Institute (ICI) certification; all faculty are welcome to register, whether or not you intend to pursue ICI certification.

Date & Time:

Friday, August 24, 2018
9:30 AM - 12:00 PM


St. Paul Campus: McNeely Hall, room 100

Participants will explore ways to increase self-knowledge in order to become more mindful of diversity in the classroom and its complexity. In addition, participants will develop strategies for preparing an inclusive excellence syllabus statement, monitoring classroom climate, and minimizing personal bias.

 Workshop Agenda:

  • Implicit bias: what is it and what are implications for teaching?
  • Identifying our implicit biases and making and action plan for addressing them
  • Related concept of stereotype threat and strategies for avoiding
  • Strategies for monitoring climate throughout the semester
  • Student names: accuracy and pronunciation
  • Syllabus statement: draft an inclusive excellence syllabus statement and discuss in groups how to introduce it on day one
  • Question & Answer: Your experiences with difficult classroom situations

Pre-Workshop Activity

This is a flipped workshop – which means that participants will be expected to complete homework before the workshop and come prepared to apply and discuss it. To complete before the workshop:

  1. Register for and complete one or more of the Implicit Association Tests, note results and your response. lease complete the Gender-Science IAT test, then you may choose any others that interest you.
  2. Read this Faculty Focus article on gender diversity and view the short video there; note your responses and questions and bring to the workshop.

Inclusive Classroom Application Activity

This is the required workshop for Inclusive Classroom Institute certification and participation in the workshop is open to all faculty whether or not you plan to pursue certification. Workshop attendees who intend to pursue certification will need to complete one of the following application activities for certification: 

  1. Develop your own inclusive excellence syllabus statement and outline briefly in writing a plan to discuss it on day one; submit to Faculty Development.
  2. Use the Devine et. al. article on breaking habits related to implicit bias and come up with 1-3 strategies to implement for yourself. Keep a journal during Fall semester and write up your results in a brief report that you submit to Faculty Development at the end of the semester.


To make an accessibility request, call Disability Resources at (651) 962-6315.