Online Elements for Face-to-Face Courses

Online elements can be great supplements and enhancements for students in traditional face-to-face courses. Plan to attend and get a few ideas!

Date & Time:

Friday, April 27, 2018
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM


OSF Library, room LL 21

Colin Martin

Colin Martin

Online and blended courses offer many benefits for students and faculty, but the jump required to begin teaching online can be daunting. One way to ease this transition is to learn how to use online technology in the context of existing face-to-face courses. Online elements can be great supplements and enhancements for students in traditional lecture courses, while you simultaneously learn how to use these tools. Join Colin Martin, the 2017-18 STELAR Faculty Fellow, for this workshop covering topics such as:

  • recording, editing, and posting short videos
  • developing low-stakes, high-engagement online activities
  • using apps and mobile technology to support student learning
  • using online tools to facilitate grading and feedback
  • introduction to the facilities, services, and technology available at STELAR

About the Presenter

Colin H. Martin is a Clinical Professor with the College of Arts and Sciences Department of Biology, and is the 2017-2018 STELAR Faculty Fellow. He is an enthusiastic early adopter of instructional technologies such as polling software, use of iPads in lecture sessions, and video conferencing for student study sessions. He is a member of the University Technology Advisory Committee and has been using the STELAR facilities since they opened, introducing students to the space and it’s technologies, teaching lab sessions in the flexible classroom, and using the video recording/editing suite regularly. He is part of the first cohort in the ‘Online Teaching Certificate’ offered by STELAR, and will be teaching his first fully online course this summer: Biology of Cooking and Eating. 

During his year as the STELAR faculty fellow, Colin is focusing on the value of making short videos for use as supplemental resources by students in face-to-face courses. He has been working with his students to identify areas from class where they feel that additional focus and attention would be helpful, and then preparing videos to meet these student self-identified needs. He has also taught workshops on ‘Taking Writing to Learn Assignments Online’ and ‘Online Elements for Face-to-Face Courses’. He is available for individual consultations with faculty, both during the 2017-18 academic year and beyond. 

Learn more about Colin’s areas of study in blended teaching by reading his January 30, 2018 Synergia article Offering Thoughtful and Effective Online Courses That Our Students Actually Want to Take.

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