Promoting Thoughtful, Compassionate Dialogue

Save the date for this faculty panel on promoting thoughtful, compassionate dialogue with our students in and out of the classroom.

Date & Time:

Tuesday, November 15, 2016
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Convo Hour


OEC Auditorium

We are pleased to announce a faculty workshop for next Tuesday, November 15, over the convocation hour. The focus will be on how we might best work with our students, in classroom conversations and more broadly, after the events of the past week. As part of the workshop, we will briefly highlight key elements from the student conduct code and how they pertain to our own work with students.

More details will follow, but please mark the date and time now as we encourage your participation in this important discussion. This session will be video taped for faculty who cannot attend.

Dr. Ann Johnson
Director of the Center for Faculty Development

Dr. Robert Riley
Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs

Dr. Wendy Wyatt
Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies

To make an accessibility request, call Disability Resources at (651) 962-6315.