Course Design for the Common Good - An Introduction

Join your colleagues during J-term for the very first offering in our new series, Course Design for the Common Good (CDGC).

Date & Time:

Monday, January 25, 2016
1:00 PM - 4:30 PM
Workshop meets on Jan. 25 from 1 p.m.-4:00; Jan. 26 (online); and Jan. 27 from 1-4:30 p.m.


St. Paul Campus

Our workshop series, “Course Design for the Common Good” will allow you to implement a few thoughtful design principles for enhancing communication of learning goals and for making assignments more transparent. Your design choices can help make visible the hidden curriculum and ensure that success in your course is not contingent on possessing particular forms of cultural capital. This is not a ‘dumbing down’ of expectations but rather a dismantling of barriers to success – making academic success available to a wider range of students and strengthening learning for allstudents in your class.

In this blended workshop, participants will be introduced to aspects of Course Design for the Common Good (CDCG) and its impact on student learning. Faculty will have multiple opportunities to apply CDCG principles to existing assignments. The transferrable principles can be applied to a range of teaching and delivery methods spanning face-to-face, blended, and online classrooms. The workshop also serves as an introductory foundation for future CDCG workshops. The workshop is open to all faculty, adjunct and full-time. During the workshop, participants will be actively applying the CDCG principles to their course. Faculty should come to the workshop prepared to revise at least one of their existing assignments.

To make an accessibility request, call Disability Resources at (651) 962-6315.