About the Center

Mission Statement

The University of St. Thomas Center for Faculty Development supports the professional growth of faculty by providing responsive programming and grants to support faculty development in pedagogy and engagement of the profession. In doing so, the center works to foster a diverseequitable and inclusive culture in our classrooms and across the University. 

To further its mission, the Center:

  • Supports research and scholarship with a variety of grant programs
  • Develops programming that is responsive to differences in knowledge, expertise, and professional goals
  • Aims to cultivate effective pedagogy and promote collaborative learning communities 
  • Assists faculty with understanding diversity, equity and inclusion, and advancing their skills in these areas

FDC Staff and Partners

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The Center for Faculty Development offices are located on the third floor of Aquinas Hall in rooms 321, 323, 325 and 327. Contact us by phone at 1(651) 962-6022 or by email

Faculty Development is located on the St. Paul campus in Aquinas Hall, room 323, 2115 Summit Avenue.

The Faculty Development Committee

The Faculty Development Committee is a standing committee of the faculty, charged with furthering the professional growth and development of the faculty. The committee establishes overall policy for operation of the Center for Faculty Development at the University and reviews applications for internal grants. The committee also acts as the permanent nominating committee for the director of the Center for Faculty Development, who is appointed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.