Careers in Family Studies

UST Family Studies graduates are employed by a wide range of agencies, companies, educational institutions and non-profit organizations. Many Family Studies alums have gone on to graduate school to earn a master’s degree or higher, and/or licensure in the area required by a specific profession.

To prepare themselves well, many students choose Family Studies along side another major or minor in areas like COJO, Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, Community Health, Catholic Studies, Theology, Family Business or Elementary Education, among others. Alums tell us that, essentially, a Family Studies major or minor is very versatile and has given them a solid start on achieving personal and professional goals!

Here are a few examples of where UST Family Studies alums are currently employed:

  • As a house manager for Ronald McDonald House 
  • As a TV reporter 
  • As speech-language pathologists 
  • As mental health practitioners 
  • As case managers in group homes 
  • As psychology aides in local hospitals 
  • As aides at a center for children with Autism  
  • As high school/middle school/elementary teachers 
  • As principals 
  • As teachers and assistants in special education 
  • As marriage and family therapists 
  • As childcare specialists in licensed centers 
  • As research assistants 
  • As licensed psychologists


Another useful tool for you as you consider career options in the field of family is summarized here in a document prepared by Family Studies leaders at the University of Maryland, also members of the National Council on Family Relations