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The Leadership and Management Program

Management skills for today; leadership growth for tomorrow

Becoming a successful business leader requires more than just taking on additional responsibilities. It means undergoing an honest self-assessment and using those results to propel professional development goals set by both the individual and their organization.

 The Leadership and Management program tackles the most common development needs for increased management and/or leadership responsibility: 

  • Improving your strategic decision-making ability to bring positive change to your organization
  • Broadening perspective beyond your department, function, or business
  • Building and maintaining high-trust relationships with stakeholders at all levels
  • Leveraging available resources to better manage the complexity of your day-to-day job
  • Increasing self-awareness
  • Getting work done through others
  • Increasing your personal credibility with others
  • Gaining confidence to take on your expanding management and leadership role, including becoming more comfortable making difficult choices 

The program provides participants the supporting best practices, methods and tools for immediate and practical use.

Topics Covered

Build a successful career in business with leadership and management training

The Leadership and Management Program strengthens two key areas: 

  • Emotional & social intelligence
  • Strategic decision-making

 Specific topics include: 

  • Transitioning from an expert to a manager to a leader
  • Strategic thinking, planning and decision-making
  • Systems thinking
  • Change management and leadership
  • Leveraging your emotional strengths 
  • Managing your emotions that cause performance risks
  • Empathy -- the key to understanding other stakeholders 
  • Increasing your impact when influencing, inspiring, and empowering.
  • Developing your personal career strategy

Are you ready to up your leadership and management game?

Is This For Me?

Transition from management to leadership

The Leadership and Management program is designed for any professional who recognizes the importance of leadership in business and wants to make themselves more valuable to their current organization. It is ideal for new leaders, as well as those managers who wish to pursue greater leadership responsibilities or career advancement. 

Participant titles and/or job functions may include, but are not limited to: 

  • First-time Manager
  • New Middle Manager
  • Front line Manager
  • Functional Managers, i.e. Operations, Marketing, Sales, R&D, Finance, IT, HR
  • New functional Senior Manager or Director
  • Branch Manager
  • Supervisor
  • Team Leader
  • Project Manager
  • Management Analyst
  • Managers looking to advance in their careers or those making a career change 

Meet a Previous Participant

Who Completes The Leadership and Management Program?

Laura Bernard started her education at Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa. Her journey with nonprofits began early, when she and her friends started a volunteering organization after graduation. Together, they traveled around the country, which fueled her passion for nonprofit work.

Laura’s career at Feed My Starving Children began in November 2005, when she started working there part-time. She is now the VP of Manufacturing, with 3 direct reports. She is responsible for the Manufacturing Department 100+ employees across 7 packing locations and nation-wide MobilePack Events. As part of her onboarding and preparation for the new position, Laura expressed to Human Resources a desire to complete additional leadership training and received approval to enroll in The Leadership and Management Program at The University of St. Thomas.

Going into the program, her hope was to gain specific leadership skills that she could bring back to her team and organization as a whole. Being in a new leadership role, she was grateful for the opportunity for self-reflection and the in-depth discussions that took place with other professionals in the program. She returned to work with new insight and a group of peers to bounce ideas off of.

For Laura, The Leadership and Management Program was just the right amount of time to be away from the office and she was able to walk away with tangible takeaways to bring back to her team immediately. Laura especially enjoyed the Myers Briggs Assessment, the case studies and the real world experiences that the instructors brought to the table.

After taking this program, Laura was able to find practical and effective methods to lead her new team. She felt empowered to positively influence the culture in new ways and challenge what had been done before. Prior to the program, she would not have felt compelled or influential enough to implement these changes. She now has a new sense of confidence in her leadership abilities and the impact it can have on her organization. 



Learn from our top-notch faculty with industry experience


Betty Bowman

Betty Bowman is a leadership coach who works with high potential/high performing leaders wanting to increase impact, deepen self-awareness, and prepare for anticipated moves. She brings perspective from extensive experience inside complex, matrixed global corporations.  Betty is known for helping clients sort through complexity while focusing on practical situations and solutions.

Her expertise is in maximizing leadership effectiveness in dynamic, global environments, enhancing emotional intelligence, and transitioning to higher level leadership roles. Her clients are managers and leaders across global regions.   Betty has coached in the University of St. Thomas Physician Leadership College since 2011 and has taught in The Leadership & Management Program since 2015.

Prior to opening Betty Bowman LLC, Betty worked inside public and private global corporations at the corporate, group, functional and country levels in Human Resources -- focusing on executive development, succession management, organizational effectiveness, and transformational change. Betty is well-familiar with the dynamics of global organizations, having worked in Europe, led global processes, and facilitated global project teams.

Peter Krembs

Peter Krembs, a senior partner at the Center for Character-based Leadership, has almost 40 years of experience as a consultant to major U.S. and International Corporations in leadership development and change leadership. 

Peter specializes in the unique issues found in professional and expert-based cultures in financial services, health care, law, science and technology.  Specific examples of Peter’s work include helping professional experts make the transition to leadership and influence work, such as helping physician leaders balance clinical work with leadership responsibilities.  Peter’s health care experience includes work at the Mayo Clinic, Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minneapolis and St. Paul, and Mission Health of North Carolina.   Science and technology organizations include General Electric Schenectady Laboratories, Applied Materials, Medtronic, Imation and Genentech, a Roche Company. Financial Service organizations include Wellington Management, US Bank and several financial professional service consulting firms.

Peter was a faculty member of GE leadership development courses for engineers and scientists in the U.S., Europe, India and Asia for over 20 years, and is currently with the University of St. Thomas in Executive Education.  He is the co-author of On-The-Level, Performance Communication that Works, and the author of many essays and articles on leadership in professional work environments.  


staff-size photo

Lynn Olsen, Ph.D.

Lynn Olsen is founder and CEO of The Innovation Group, Inc., a leadership and organization development consultancy. He previously served as Corporate VP of Retail Operations at SUPERVALU INC., where he led a series of strategic initiatives to develop common and integrated business processes across SUPERVALU’s retail business units. Lynn has served as a member of the Food Industry Center Program Board of Advisors at the University of Minnesota and on the food industry's Category Management Process Improvement Group. Lynn is the founding Co-director of the Institute for Retailing Excellence at the University of St. Thomas and has taught marketing, strategy, and leadership in St. Thomas’ MBA programs.

Katerina Pattit, Ph.D.

Katerina Pattit, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor of Ethics and Business Law at the University of St. Thomas. She holds a Ph.D. in Business Ethics and Law from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and a B.A. and an MBA from Friedrich Alexander University in Germany.

Before pursuing her doctorate Dr. Pattit worked as a Manager for Merrill Corporation and Languageworks in New York. She has taught ethics and professional responsibility in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania and business ethics at the Wharton School. She currently teaches business ethics in the Part-time MBA program at St. Thomas.

Dr. Pattit’s research focuses on the decision-making process behind socially-responsible investing and the implications of investor preferences on managerial responsibility. She is also interested in the management of corporate community involvement and the extent of corporate social responsibility. Her research has been published in the Journal of Business Ethics, Management International Review, and other international publications.

Your Investment

Invest in your career - Gain a strong ROI

Price: $2995
4.4 CEUs

Why Choose The Leadership and Management Program?

  • Build trusting relationships. Gain respect from all areas of your company.
  • Increase your personal awareness. Understand how you lead and how others perceive your actions.
  • Gain confidence. Managing has it's challenges, so be comfortable making difficult decisions.
  • Be able to delegate. It's essential to be able to delegate tasks in an understandable and concise manner

Additional Program Details:

  • Cost includes tuition, learning materials and refreshments.
  • Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are non-credit educational experiences; one CEU is equivalent to 10 contact hours of study and will be noted on your completion certificate. 
  • Program sessions are held on the downtown Minneapolis campus. Parking is available within one block.
  • There are no prerequisites for this program.

Why St. Thomas Executive Education?

At St. Thomas Executive Education you will:

  • Gain practical tools from experienced faculty
  • Learn current, real-world skills you can apply on Monday (and every day)
  • Network with other professionals working in business
  • Have a personalized experience from program exploration to successful completion

All of this leads to a smart, practical and personalized experience to gain confidence and excel in your career. With over 30 open enrollment programs, we can help you dive into a specific topic area, understand business terminology and further develop your leadership and management skills.