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“Operational efficiency” is the rally cry of today’s business. When sales, revenues, margins and growth rates are flat or declining, the operations function is called upon to help preserve the bottom line.

To help you do your part, St. Thomas created a suite of essential educational offerings in operations. 

Operational Management

Business Analytics and Data Visualization

This three-day program is designed to address the key elements of the business analytics process and help make your Monday smarter. You will cover:

  • What is the analytics process?
  • Creating the right visuals to tell the story of your data
  • Applying descriptive statistics and dashboards instruments
  • Practice solving common business problems using the skills learned throughout the program

Mini Master of the Lean Enterprise

Gain in-depth knowledge and problem-solving skills needed by professionals developing or managing Lean organizations such as:  

  • Learning the importance of incorporating all five principals for Lean enterprise 
  • Discovering how value stream mapping can help identify waste in critical processes to improve productivity, delivery and costs 
  • Translating the Lean management tools and concepts into an action plan in support of your organization’s strategic objectives 
  • Understanding basic change management principles and tools to develop a Lean culture 

Project Management

If you are working toward the PMP exam, you can earn PDUs in the Mini Master of Project Management and the Certified Professional Project Manager program. The Project Management Prep program is ideal if you are looking to take the PMI Exam®. Learn to get the most out of your project management software with Microsoft® Project. We are a PMI® Global Registered Education Provider.




Six Sigma Methodology

Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certificate

This program is perfect for those professionals who are new to Six Sigma and need foundational knowledge of concepts and how to:

  • Identify processes that need improvements
  • Reduce variability to increase overall quality
  • Gain the ability to make insightful contributions and work alongside Six Sigma Green and Black belt team members
  • Employ numerous process improvement techniques within the DMAIC model
  • Learn methods for both qualitative and quantitative analysis of processes
  • Get familiar with Six Sigma tools, techniques and practices to reduce costs and improve quality

Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate

This Six Sigma Green Belt program is ideal for those who already have a foundational knowledge of Six Sigma and work on these types of projects under the supervision of Black Belt team members. In this program, learn how to:

  • Identify processes that need improvements quickly and efficiently
  • Reduce variability to increase overall quality and reduce costs
  • Increase the value you offer your organization by being better able to support Black Belt team members in large scale projects
  • Employ numerous process improvement techniques within the DMAIC model
  • Gain the practical experience needed to lead future small to medium scale projects 

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate

The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification program builds on the knowledge gained in previous Six Sigma certification and focuses on understanding and problem-solving skills to take on the biggest challenges faced by organizations, including:

  • Acting as a mentor to Six Sigma Yellow and Green Belts 
  • Understanding how to identify, address and correct a problem in any part of the business structure
  • Developing managerial and leadership qualities
  • Applying Lean concepts such as 5S, waste reduction, process, stream, and value mapping, as well as mistake proofing
  • Defining, scoping, and executing DMAIC projects
  • Performing advanced statistical analyses to determine the relationship between key inputs and process outputs‌ 
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