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Leadership and Management

Leadership Programs of Distinction

You know who they are: People who bring out the best in others, have new ideas, can influence people and organizations to change, and have a host of admirers. They’re leaders – and they can be found at all ages, experience levels and job titles.

NEW The St. Thomas Executive Program

  • Designed for high-potential, mid-career leaders
  • Build the skills needed for leadership in 2020
  • Join a cohort based, three-module, nine-day program
  • Focus on building collective ambition, leadership, critical thinking, creativity, decision making and effective execution

Institute for Executive Director Leadership

  • Learn how to build trust within your organization in order to move initiatives and communicate visions 
  • Examine real-world nonprofit issues in a spirit of confidentiality and engagement with colleagues who face similar challenges 
  • Explore, develop, and act on individual and organization goals 
  • Reflect on and integrate personal, professional, and organizational successes 
  • Study leadership development tools that are based on researched theory and practice

Executive Coaching in Organizations Conference

  • Join us for this annual conference - Scheduled every January
  • Designed to provide best practices and networking opportunities for those implementing and championing a coaching mindset in their organization and those providing coaching to organizational leaders. 

The Coach Approach to Management

  • Develop a more productive management style that promotes self-responsibility, commitment and collaboration
  • Adopt a coaching approach that leads to more effective communication with team members, direct reports, colleagues, and your boss
  • Learn to coach your employees to help them reach your expectations and their potential

The Leadership and Management Program

  • Gain comfort and confidence in your expanding management and leadership roles
  • Leverage your natural leadership talents
  • Increase your personal credibility with others
  • Build more trust, better relationships and stronger influence across your organization
  • Pursue a career path that makes a meaningful difference for you, for your company and for your community

Strategies for Effective Negotiation

  • Understand key negotiation strategies & tactics
  • Actively manage conflict in negotiation
  • Negotiate utilizing problem-solving methodologies
  • Understand and effectively negotiate across cultures
  • Identify non-verbal/verbal cues & emotion to help create leverage during negotiations


Custom Leadership Solutions

Customized training programs are uniquely tailored to meet your organization’s strategic needs and objectives.

For more information about custom programs contact Christi Burdick-Travis at or (651) 962-4614.

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