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Our Educational Assets; Your Future Benefit

Finance is integral to all business decisions. Whether you’re hiring staff, launching a promotional campaign, developing a new product or expanding into new markets, you need to be able to forecast and measure the monetary impact.

St. Thomas offers you challenging and relevant finance and accounting programs sure to pay impressive dividends. 

Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Work more effectively with your departmental budgets and finance team by:

  • learning the terminology
  • understanding how financial statements are put together
  • interpreting and analyzing each statement
  • gaining insight into the budgeting process
  • calculating time value of money
  • addressing other areas pertinent to your own position and company

Executive Certificate in Financial Planning

Take the steps to become a Certified Financial Planner™ through our suite of programs. These seven programs will prepare you for the CFP® exam covering both theory and practice of personal financial planning:

  • General Financial Planning Principles, Professional Conduct, and Regulation
  • Risk Management, Insurance, and Employee Benefits
  • Investment Planning
  • Retirement, Savings and Income Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Financial Plan Development
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