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Coordinating the moving pieces of a fundraising campaign is a challenge that can only be faced with integrity and insight. This series allows nonprofit fundraising professionals to customize the program to meet their needs. Choose any nine of the 13 programs to earn your certificate, or complete all 13 (12 one-day programs and one half-day program) to meet the education requirement for CFRE certification.

Strive toward excellence in development by matching your continuing education endeavors to your individual or organizational goals, or take the first steps toward earning your CFRE credential.

*Full-day sessions cost $195 each
*Half-day sessions (Budgeting for your Fundraising Program) cost $105 each
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Annual Strategies

Explore the philosophy, theory and practice for achieving a successful annual giving program

If you are a development professional who designs and implements your organization's annual fundraising plan, this program will enhance your effectiveness.

In the program, you will:

  • Design an integrated annual development plan and set the stage for philanthropic fundraising.
  • Explore marketing techniques to identify and target prospects who will become new and renewing donors.
  • Determine the most effective fundraising messages and methods for each target segment.

You should have between one and five years of development experience to maximize your learning experience.

Instructor: Andrew Olsen
Price: $195

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Asking for Major Gifts

Increase your effectiveness in soliciting major gifts

Discover useful tips, helpful encouragement and positive motivation for the important work of soliciting major gifts to fund your organization for the long term.

Nonprofit development staff, board members and executive directors will develop and enhance skills to:

  • Identify potential benefactors
  • Take the most effective steps in gift cultivation
  • Create the "right" strategy to obtain the gift
  • Ask for the gifts — explore pitfalls and opportunities
  • Understand the most important step: Closing the gift

Instructor: Janene Connelly
Price: $195


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Budgeting for Your Fundraising Program

Acquire techniques and tools for putting real dollar figures with your programs

Have you ever wondered why the fees you charge for your services are not covering your costs? As a nonprofit executive director, financial manager, program manager or other nonprofit leader responsible for developing and overseeing budgets, this program will help you:

  • Combine the budget and program planning process.
  • Learn how to develop a budget that is a useful tool.
  • Determine fixed and variable costs of providing a program or service.

Instructor: Rich Sathe
Price: $105

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Donor Motivation

Explore the spectrum of factors that influences donor behavior

Anyone with experience working with donors understands that their commitment to your organization can be impacted by factors outside of your control. This program can help fund development professionals, executive directors and board members understand these factors.

In this program, you will:

  • Learn how gender, generation, ethnicity and religious values influence philanthropic behaviors.
  • Understand how to help donors make generous and wise decisions.
  • Develop techniques to walk a prospect donor through the decision-making process.

The program topics will cover:

  • Concepts of Philanthropy: Tradition, Spirit, Sector and Process
  • Psychology of Giving:  From Altruism to Egoism
  • Donor Stages: From Having to Give to Wanting to Give
  • Donor Profiles: Types, Behaviors, Interests and Expectations 
  • Motivational Elicitors: Values Exchange and Mission Synchronicity
  • Communications:  Conversations, Cases, and Process Steps

Instructor: Brent Hafele
Price: $195

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Grant Writing Essentials

Develop the tools to fund your most critical initiatives

Although designed for grant writers, this program also has proven useful for grant reviewers. You will analyze each section of a proposal outline and learn how to research potential funders. You'll also receive information on how to write more effective proposals.

The program will teach you how to write a grant proposal, including:

  • Understanding terms used in the grant writing field
  • The contents of a typical proposal and budget
  • How to adapt a typical proposal outline to the funding needs of your organization
  • Which supplementary materials to attach to a proposal

In addition, you will develop techniques for:

  • Combining the budget and program planning process
  • Creating a budget that is a useful tool
  • Determining fixed and variable costs of providing a program or service

Instructor: Tessa Wetjen
Price: $195

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How to Write a Development Plan and Manage a Development Office

Prepare your development plan the right way

This program provides the nonprofit development professional with tools and techniques to prepare a development plan and set up, run and effectively manage a successful development operation.

Nonprofit development professionals will develop skills to:

  • Write and prepare a development plan.
  • Manage development staff on accountability and productivity.
  • Create and manage the department budget.

Instructor: Audrey Kintzi
Price: $195

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Laying the Foundation for Fund Development

Begin a career in strategic donor relations

This program provides the new fundraiser with the basic knowledge necessary to launch a career in fundraising. Gain an understanding of the relationship between fundraiser, the CEO and the board, as well as the important ties between strategic planning and visioning.

You will develop skills in:

  • Planning, marketing and communicating your ideas of fund development
  • Knowing the areas of annual giving, capital campaigns, planned giving, gift processing and reporting
  • Understanding different types of fundraising, including corporate, foundation, planned gifts and major giving, as well as the differences between large and small organizations

Instructor: Brendan Bannigan
Price: $195

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Measuring Social Impact

What is the ROI of your initiative?

This program presents a fun, straightforward framework to meet program evaluation requirements from funders. You are invited to bring a specific program evaluation problem to work on during the program.

Nonprofit professionals who must evaluate programs will benefit from:

  • Familiarizing yourself with terms such as inputs, activities and outputs, and how they relate to a nonprofit organization's strategic vision
  • Exploring the strengths and weaknesses of data collection methods, including questionnaires, face-to-face and focus group interviews
  • Improving programs through information gathering

Instructor: Randi Nelson
Price: $195

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Nonprofit Messaging That Drives Giving

Using marketing and communications to reach your goals

Marketing and communication personnel from the nonprofit sector and executive directors will:

  • Learn the fundamental components of marketing and communication plans
  • Develop media relations and program management skills

Instructor: Brent Hafele
Price: $195

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Nonprofit Prospect Management & Research Techniques

Using data to drive results

Effective research and management of prospects often feels elusive for many nonprofit professionals. This program will discuss prospect management and tracking fundamentals regardless of the database being used and will help you find the information that makes major gift work more effective.

Administrators, managers, researchers and gift officers will develop skills to:

  • Learn how to create ratings, policies and reports on prospects
  • Analyze these to determine the next steps for prospects
  • Use the Internet to find information on prospects
  • Review proven research techniques that make major gift work more effective

Instructor: Gail Whitney
Price: $195

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Transformational Nonprofit Leadership

Develop and enhance authentic leadership skills

This program focuses on the need for leadership in the nonprofit sector by exploring theory and practice, identifying behaviors and skills and encouraging each individual to rise to the challenge of leadership. Readings and discussions will challenge you to think beyond the present into your personal and professional future; successful fundraising requires nothing less.

You will develop skills to:

  • Define leadership
  • Consider the philanthropic spirit
  • Discuss organizational leadership
  • Understand and challenge leadership and the status quo

Instructor: Audrey Kintzi
Price: $195

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Planned Giving and Capital Campaigns

Immerse yourself in these two key aspects of fundraising

This program will introduce you to organizational readiness, donor cultivation and an overview of gift planning vehicles, as well as matching these to a donor's personal, financial, and charitable objectives.

Capital campaigns will go into the fundamentals of campaign theory and practice. It will focus on how to ensure a realistic and successful fundraising effort. This program will also provide you with an understanding of how to:

  • Assess an organization's ability to undertake a campaign
  • Determine the need for a campaign consultant and select one
  • Engage volunteers in the pre-campaign process
  • Announce a campaign
  • Develop a successful campaign

Instructor: Jeremy Wells and Brent Hafele 
Price: $195

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Researching, Cultivating and Appreciating Foundations & Corporate Sponsors

Maximize donations by leveraging these potential supporters

This program is designed to help nonprofit development staff understand these two important entities in the fundraising and development world and how your nonprofit can benefit and interact with both in its fundraising efforts.

You will:

  • Learn the background and history of foundations and corporate sponsorship for nonprofit organizations
  • Understand the current foundation gifting trends and sponsorship industry
  • Explore ethical issues surrounding marketing sponsorship

Instructor: Michelle Morgan
Price: $195

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