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Customized Learning Solutions

Partner with us to build learning solutions that meet the talent development needs of your organization 

We work with company leaders to deliver high quality, customized programs tailored to meet your unique business objectives with relevant content that can be used immediately. These programs are built in collaboration with the client and St. Thomas faculty. Not only do these programs target specific challenges, but they can also address cultural norms while fostering a common language within the organization. 

Your program’s customization draws upon the expertise of our faculty, the skills of our custom education team, and the input of your key leaders to develop and deliver content that is relevant and has immediate application on-the-job. 

Our Approach to Customization

Our Approach To Customized Solutions 

STEP 1: Listen. When an inquiry comes in for learning, we start with some questions and a lot of listening. Understanding the organization will help us to suggest the best solution(s). 

STEP 2: Co-Create. If a custom program is identified as the best next step, we will work hand-in-hand to co-create a learning solution to address the talent development or team challenges and opportunities. We work closely with clients to design and develop programs that meet objectives, engage participants using adult learning principles and provide practice opportunities to apply new knowledge and incite change.   

STEP 3: Deliver. The learning venue can be on campus, at your organization or an off-site location. Our team provides thorough academic, logistic and administrative support before, during and after all engagements. 

STEP 4: Evaluate. Our goal is to deliver high-quality learning aimed at helping participants return to their desk with information they can apply immediately. We put emphasis on continuous improvement by making necessary tweaks throughout the engagement and spend time debriefing upon completion of the program to make sure the program hit the client's goals.

Custom Program Continuum

Limited Customization:

An Executive Education open enrollment program is infused with your company’s examples and processes to enhance abilities and improve performance.

Significant Customization:

Company leaders and key stakeholders are deeply involved in creating and delivering an exclusive program to achieve specific business objectives.

Considerations For Your Custom Program

We encourage the following components be considered for your custom program:

  • Senior management sponsorship and involvement
  • Messages from leadership that demonstrate how the program is linked to the company’s business priorities
  • Clear communication of expectations for participants prior to, during and after the educational experience
  • Ongoing reinforcement after the program plus opportunities to utilize new skills, behaviors and knowledge in everyday responsibilities
  • Executive coaching to support and sustain behavioral change

Contact Us

Looking to explore customized learning solutions? Contact us to learn more. 

Christi Burdick-Travis
Director of Business Development
(651) 962-4614

Christi is the director of business development for Executive Education. She joined St. Thomas in 2015, and is responsible for our strategic planning efforts for business development, as well as recruiting for our Physician Leadership College, and oversight to custom programs. 

Prior to joining St. Thomas, Christi worked for over ten years at Target in various leadership roles in negotiations, strategy, as well as merchandising. She also held management roles working in marketing, communications and account management at the Gap, Apple and Draft Worldwide. Christi brings to her position over twenty years of experience aligning internal teams with external partners to create win-win opportunities. 

Christi received her BA in business from Indiana University and her MBA from the University of California, Berkeley. While completing her degree at Berkeley, she worked as Graduate Student Instructor of economics.