Just the Facts! 

Much of the information below is from the most recent trip and is included here for general reference. The dates and other details for the upcoming trip are not yet available. Stay tuned for updates!

Travel dates: TBD for 2021 Trip

To participate you must apply: Applications for the 2021 trip will become live in fall 2020. 

Eligibility: Must be a student in the Reading Black Resistance class or an eligible Excel! Research Scholar (ineligible scholars are those who have been on this trip before or who have graduated), and must be able to attend all meetings, the entire trip, and meet trip policies, expectations and requirements. 

How many students will go? Eight students will be selected from the application process. Interviews may be required if we receive an excessive number of applications. Participants will be interviewed by Dr. Williard, Dr. Lawrence, and Cynthia Fraction. 

Travel information (2020 Trip): We fly round trip from Minneapolis to Atlanta and out of Memphis, on Delta Air Lines. A coach bus is used to travel throughout the South (If you get motion or car sickness this IS NOT the trip for you). We will stay in reputable hotels throughout the trip. You will have a same-sex roommate and your own bed. 


Cost (2020 Trip): All participants are required to pay airfare and meals. Airfare is $350 (tax and fees included) as of 10/17/2019. This price could change at the discretion of the airline. You can check one bag at the University's expense. Extra bags will cost you. Breakfasts are included in the hotel fee, you will not pay for them. We estimate $15 or less for lunch and $20 or less fordinner. Most students pay a lot less than this. Money will also be needed for gift shops and incidentals.

Paying for your ticket: Payment is generally collected either in three installments or in a lump sum payment.   

Cancellation Policy (2020 Dates): You can cancel on or before November 23rd, 2019 and receive your deposit back. If you cancel on or after December 7th but before December 12th you will lose your deposit and second installment. If you cancel after December 13th, you will forfeit all payments. Payment in full not received by December 13th, 2019 will eliminate your space and forfeit your deposits for the trip. Make checks payable to the University of St. Thomas. 

Important: Failure to respond within 24 hours to emails pertaining to the trip can also forfeit your space on this trip. Make sure to read all emails and respond in a timely fashion. 

Proper Identification: All travelers are required to submit a current, state issued, ID and Medical Insurance Card. This will be due upon receipt of your application. Without this we cannot consider your application. Temporary ID's will not pass airport security.

Contracts: All students will be required to sign a University Code of Conduct and Responsibilities contract as part of the application process. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Cynthia Fraction at frac2792@stthomas.edu or make an appointment to visit her with questions. Walk-ins are not encouraged.